News from Today – 2011 Cannes

In today’s press release came the announcement of the 20th film in the Official Selection Competition, the closing film at Un Certain Regard, the completed Jury of the same section and the complete Jury for the Camera d’Or given to a first feature film. Updates have been done to posts and what follows is the last announcement.

These are the Jury members who will decide the Camera d’Or award.

President: Bong Joon-Ho, Director/scriptwriter, South Korea
Danièle Heyman, Critic, France
Eva Vezer, Head of Magyar Filmunio, Hungary
Rober Alazraki, Cinematographer, France
Daniel Colland, Manager Cinedia Laboratory, France
Jacques Maillot, Director, France
Alex Masson, Critic, France

To read press release go here.

On other news, information is not up yet at the site, but imagine that soon will be there.

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