Day 7 at Cannes 2011

No, I don’t write the post in order. I write about each film as I see the videos and news appear. Today is an unusual long day because watched ALL videos as found them interesting and as you will see, a few extremely funny. It’s a great day in Cannes.

Main Competition

From Nordic cinema one of directors I always enjoy because his particular style is Aki Kaurismäki and I’m looking forward to Le Havre, another French-speaking film that I’m afraid will be less ironic than what he usually do, but I’m curious about how he was able to transfer, mix or reinvent (?) his style in a French environment and story or if was similar to La vie bohème. Obviously film is must be seen for me and one where the wait will be unbearable. Oh! first comments are very positive.

Photocall starts with Aki and his cigarette, seems is an electric cigarette (lol!), nope is not (lol!) Gosh “Aki pour aqui” (lol!). Photocall is really odd with the director behavior but also for watching cast and him… plus “the finger” (lol!), Aki got red face. Interview starts with a question to Aki and his answer was fabulous but thinks no one got it; gosh he really has the same humor that he shows in his films. Magnifique! Besides his face constantly gets red –from laughing inside as he says such things with a deadpan face that becomes quite funny! He’s impossible to take seriously, great personality. While others talk seriously you wish questions went back to Aki. Aki telling a Kafka story… oh! gosh! LOL! This is exactly my kind of personality! Gee now have to watch press conference hope is as funny as the interview. I laughed loud! I’m crying! Excellent!!

Oh! in the press conference he starts to do his thing, come on! LOL!!! He really is like his movies! LOVE it! But what I love more is that looks like no one gets him… except his colleagues… I’m starting to imagine what the press will say about this conference but, me for one, love it!!! They even have sound problems. Oh no. Yes, is an electric cigarette. Have to admit that’s odd, very odd, but funny! Oh! “my camera wants to kill your mama” … wont write anymore as I’m laughing so much; sorry. Who knows what’s going on but Aki’s face is really red; ah! is the translator translating to him … got so serious, pity. Every time he talks says something quite smart but very funny in his own way, unfortunately press will not play his game. Surely I learned nothing about the movie, which is just great, but I learned a lot about Aki, probably will watch his movies in a different way or maybe not. You have to watch the photocall first, then the interview, last the press conference and most of all, you have to recall his movies, then and only then you will laugh as much as you could laugh in his films with these videos. “Bergman shot two films with camera … I shot 18, is no longer his camera, is Aki’s camera” LOL!

The red carpet stars with Aki and his cigarette, so serious… but soon he gets into his own thing and gloriously the interviewer plays -a little- along. Interviews with cast are not interesting and Aki walks fast the red carpet dancing to the music by Little Bob. As I was told, as soon as he finished dancing, fireworks exploded! That is good timing and a great finale for this iconic director. No, you won't see it in the video.

Second film is Pater by Alain Cavalier that I’m not sure will enjoy as even Thierry Frémaux calls film “one of the strangest films at Cannes this year”. For strange films there is always la Semaine de la Critique parallel section, why include in the main selection a so-called “strange” film too? I like Cavalier films, but this “experiment” definitively doesn’t call my attention.

Out of Competition/Special Screenings

Today is the screening of The Beaver by Jodie Foster –that’s why she came to Cannes yesterday as many photos could tell. Usually I don’t like to mix the artist and the person, but with media coverage is almost impossible not to learn something and get your own opinion about Mel Gibson. I don’t know if I will be able to separate the actor and the person while watching film which could allow me to enjoy film, but I know that I have to watch film just because is by Jodie Foster.

Photocall is crowded and noisy, still photographers yell Jodie! She looks nice not as in yesterday photos where she looked tired. Photocall is short and nice. Of course Interview is with Jodie speaking French –should I say perfect French, as I always do?- good questions and better answers. Yes they talk about the film, but unless you live under a stone, by now we all know what movie is about, so kept watching even if there are mild spoilers. She gets the Mel question and she answers as we already know she will; but liked when she talks about how she does her films. Like when she laughs. Nice interview. Oui, il viens ce soir (Mel). She really looks good in the press conference. Here comes the first Mel Gibson question… and the answer we already know. Oh! press cheered after watching film, hmm even she says that has a more European style, that’s new for me and makes film more interesting to watch –at least for me. Okay, there are spoilers but I’m watching with volume. I like her real-life personality that comes through when she works promoting films, always have liked her and she’s about the only actor that I really will like to meet in person. Another Mel question and the same answer came out, don’t reporters get it? She will only answer one way… have to admit that her way is the right way. At minute 18 turn off volume, big spoiler about the end of the movie. Wow, she talks about herself! Amazing. Usually she’s such a private person. More interesting questions until again the Mel question with the same answer. Ah! (lol) wasn’t aware that Jennifer Lawrence is in this movie, great! LOVE the press conference, should be must be seen if you wish to see Jodie in a different scenario. Red carpet starts with Mel, there is noise from the fans for Jodie and Mel… interesting, after all is Europe or should I say France? Short and nice.

Second is the documentary The Big Fix by Rebeca Tickell and Josh Tickell that revisits the oil spill which occurred in the USA last year, polluting the Atlantic Ocean in an irreversible manner. Not really interested in watching, but very concerned about the fact and also about the fact that the Pacific Ocean –as we speak- is also being polluted in an irreversible way… so, we humans managed to pollute our two main Earth water life reservoirs, aren’t we something? …and not many do a thing. Maybe I should reconsider watching if only to support that someone is trying to do something.

Also today the tribute to Jean-Paul Belmondo with a ceremony before the screening of the documentary Belmondo, itinéraire… by Vincent Perrot and Jeff Domenech. Maybe I’m the only one that when think about Belmondo I always thing about Alain Delon; for some reason they are tied together in my memory with many films that I saw a while back, a few with both but most only with one of them in film. Nevertheless fest organizers tie him alongside Jean Gabin and Michel Simon as one of the greatest French actors of all time. At official site the video of the red carpet with Belmondo and his deep-tan look plus a beautiful woman by his side; oh! Jean Rochefort (I knew was going to watch great French actors), Albert Dupontel, Cedric Klapish, Xavier Beauvois, Claude Lelouch, Claudia Cardinale, etc. He’s not young anymore but gee he smiles and looks like him, like he was when his hair was dark. Gosh, the not-young-anymore along the younger generations and a few really young, many are there. Salut Bebel.

Midnight Screenings

Today the second film of only two that the section will screen. Días de Gracia (Days of Grace) by Everardo Valerio Gout -also competing for the Camera d’Or. Film concept attracts me, “one film, three versions” following three football World cups in 2002, 2006, and 2010; plus a cop, a hostage, a woman and corruption, violence, vengeance. I imagine that film has to be raw, like the new wave of Mexican films, which also calls my attention even if I know will “scare” me.

Un Certain Regard

Today two new films and a reprise. The first is the first film in Afrikaans to ever been in Cannes, Skoonheid by Olivier Hermanus -also being considered for the Queer Palm. Hermanus second film calls my attention.

The second is Tatsumi by Eric Khoo a director that I highly enjoy but as some of you recall I’m no fan of animated films; still as animation looks/feels different maybe will give a try to this portrait of Yoshihiro Tatsumi a Manga giant recognized as one of the greatest Japanese artists even in America. Stories seem interesting as deal with Tatsumi’s disenchanting portrait of Japan.

Is in the program today, a reprise of of Bonsai by Cristián Jiménez, which is unusual but gives me opportunity to share with you that saw his first movie and when was over I said: it’s okay. Not much time passed when I started to really think what I saw in the movie and it was an intense voyage of retrospection that hit me hard, very hard. Now his second movie is absolutely must be seen for me.

Cannes Classics

1931’s Niemandsland (No Man’s Land), Victor Trivas a film that was banned by the Nazis because story had a pacifist agenda and most copies were destroyed. Film has a First World War story and no, haven’t seen film.

Cinema de la Plage

1958 A Night to Remember by Roy Ward Baker about the Titanic and winner of the 1959 Golden Globe; haven’t seen movie.


Two films in the main selection. The first is Corpo Celeste by Alice Rohrwacher that from trailer visuals absolutely call my attention plus story seems that could be enjoyable.

The second is O Abismo Prateado by Karim Aïnouz that also could be considered for the Queer Palm if it has something with LGBT interest. No matter if has or not LGBT interest, story called my attention and will watch movie.

Quinzaine Special Screenings

Also today two films that are special screenings. The first is El Velador (The Night Watchman) by Natalia Almada a documentary that from clips and story probably will watch.

The second is Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes (Kids of Today) by Jérôme de Missolz, a doc that doesn’t call my attention.


Avé by Konstantin Bojanov a Bulgarian road trip movie that could be interesting, but as is screened in this section I hope is not too strange for my taste.

Today the premiere of La Collection Canal+ “5 Fois Nathalie Baye” with the actress starring in each of the following five shorts: A l’Abri by Jérémie Lippman, Bye Bye by Edouard Deluc, Dormir Debout by Jean-Luc Perreard, Je Voulais Vous Dire by Romain Delange, and Le Premier Role by Mathieu Hippeau.


Rue des Cites (Slums Road) by Carine May and Hakim Zohani that doesn’t call my attention at all. Before feature film two short films Devine by Laurent Perreau and Yasmine et la Revolution by Karin Albou.


So after all Malick was at Cannes yesterday and attended the screening of his movie; his entrance came as the announcer said his name and he was showered with the rigorous standing ovation.

Today Photos

From The Beaver and my little homage to a great personality: Very nice meeting you, Mr. Aki Kaurismäki! Last, Director/Actress Nadine Labaki at photocall.

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