Day 2 at Cannes 2011

We start day 2 early as still there are many events that are happening as I publish, so post will be updated later.

Main Competition

Today the first film in competition that also is running for the Camera d’Or, Sleeping Beauty by Julia Leigh; most interesting is to discover that Leigh is a well-known writer that for the first time this story “came to her in a cinematic way” which makes movie appealing to me. Not many photographers at the photocall, nice interview and a “normal” press conference all with the presence of the director, Emily Browning, and Rachael Blake. Tonight the red carpet that will watch later and we have to recall that some say film could be the first Cannes scandal, but from headlines from English press seems that will not; still let’s find what other languages press are saying. French press: tends to be positive yet not scandalous (of course!).

In the red carpet for Sleeping Beauty we see a better looking Faye Dunaway with Jerry Schatzberg; knew that Elsa Zylberstein was at Cannes because yesterday her photos with Pablo Trapero populated the net, they’re ambassadors of Cinema of the World. A brief glimpse of Martina Gusman and Pablo Trapero. Don’t think told you before but Jane Campion is supporting this film as I read a while back and of course she’s here as well as cast and director. Yes is nice and unusual to watch a red carpet walk with only women, even do they are rushing them. Nearby Jane Campion, that by the way is the only female director to win the Palm d’Or, is taking pictures.

Also today another film in competition, We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lynne Ramsay’s (yes met her, surprisingly short especially in photos with Tilda, but enjoyed a lot her personality). Photocall attended by more photographers than previous film -but surprisingly not that many- still Tilda got the most noise followed by John C. Reilly. Nice interview and Tilda looks so good when camera gets close to her that I suggest you don’t miss it. Ditto for press conference, but Tilda looks more dramatic … until she smiles/laugh. Movie definitively will be hard to watch (BUT: “intensively cinematic” – not many words is really about feelings - “use of color red”- oh! Yes saw it in latest clip and got me really excited!) yet obviously is must be seen for me. Ah! Ramsays is being called “la genèse d’un nouveau monstre du cinema”.

Un Certain Regard

Today opening film Restless by Gus Van Sant, but press already had their screening so you will be able to find reviews if you’re interested in reading about them. Still, no matter what critics’ say this is a Van Sant film and is must be seen for me. In Restless Red Carpet is normal to watch Gus Van Sant and the movie cast, Mia Wasikowska and Henry Hopper (yes is Dennis son), on the red carpet but what are Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson doing together in the red carpet? The only thing I can think of is that they are promoting Fringe, where Kruger played Miranda Greene but she was uncredited (had to browse the net to find out that they are together, lol! that gives you an idea of how much I don't follow personal lives of actors). Oh! Jane Fonda is at Cannes, not surprisingly she comments that before Cannes was less frightening, more personal – which I agree as have watched videos from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and definitively was less noisy and more glamorous. That was shorter than usual but enough to catch a glimpse of Van Sant and Fonda both looking quite good.

Also today Trabalhar Cansa (Hard Labor), which is competing for the Camera d’Or, by Juliana Rojas and Marco Dutra; totally agree with movie name (lol!) but still have to learn more about film to get an opinion.

Cannes Classics

Section opens with a double tribute, first the opening film Il Conformista (The Conformist) by Bernardo Bertolucci which honors the director who we know got the first Honorary Palm. You know I was thinking that one of Bertolucci most famous films has been absent from this tribute, The Last Tango in Paris. I know it was a true scandal when released but with the recent death of the main actress, Maria Schneider, plus the director career honor “something” should be mentioned as honestly, from those that watched film back then, who has been able to forget the infamous scene? Not me. Not many movies could impress my young mind as much as this one, much less for a scene that if I watch it today again will mean nothing as after I have seen worst. But you never forget your first, isn’t? Anyway, a good movie by Bertolucci that IF you haven’t seen it you should.

Second tribute screens Puzzle of a Downfall Child by Jerry Schatzberg that honors the director and the main actress, Faye Dunaway, who also are the photographer and the actress in the magnificent 2011 Cannes poster. Somehow is not easy to see Faye in the poster and then how she looks today, but we know that time is not generous to all. Yes, have seen both movies a long time ago. Sigh.

Cinéma de la Plage

For some unknown reason this year I forgot about this section (?!) so will cover it on daily basis. Today the open to the public screenings start with the 1965 French/Italian film by Heri Verneuil 100,000 Dollars Au Soleil (Greed In The Sun) starring Jean-Paul Belmondo and Lino Ventura among others. Saw so many films with Belmondo that honestly don’t particularly recall this one, still from synopsis not really attracts my attention.


Parallel section opens today with La Fée (The Fairy) that for me feels and looks a bit crazy for my taste. After one of the three today screenings there will be a panel to discuss the film.

Also today Offside by Jafar Panahi screened as a tribute to the director who got the 2011 Carrosse d’Or. Following the screening there will be a panel discussion on the topic “Making films under an authoritarian regime, accounts of the work of filmmakers in Iran and elsewhere”. At the parallel opening ceremony there will also be the Carrose d’Or Award Ceremony “in the presence of previous laureates and the complicity of many filmmakers”.

At the official site there are some photographs that show the “minutious and careful work of the projectionist before the screening” of films in 35mm, which informs the following truth: “Digital projection has been growing over the last decade, but good old 35mm is not dead yet”. If you wish to check the photos please go here.

Semaine de la Critique

Parallel section opens with the out of competition film La Guerre est déclarée by Valérie Donzelli’s that surely will not be easy to watch parents dealing with their son’s brain tumor. As we know this film is also in consideration for the Queer Palm but from synopsis/trailer there is no way to identify if should be considered and to what “interest” could belong; hope that when reviews start to appear the mystery could be resolved.

Also today the first film in competition Hanotenet (The Slut) by Hagar Ben Asher that definitively calls my attention mainly because the plot as haven’t been able to find a clip/trailer just some raw material.


Parallel section opens with a film that strongly calls my attention for the (to me) unexpected story as in my little knowledge of the culture/traditions of that side of the world never imagined that something like this could exists there and elsewhere. I’m talking about Noces éphémères (Ephemeral Weddings) by Reza Serkanian that tells a story set in a small Iranian village that “practices the temporary marriage”.

Other Important News

As we know MUBI is partnering with La Semaine de la Critique to celebrate 50 years of its programming by showing a retrospective of films from past editions. What’s new is that the films are up at the site and will be FREE to watch for the first 1,000 views, until June 30th. There are some movies that I have to watch, like Phan Dang Di’s Bi, Don’t Be Afraid!, so have to find time to enjoy some of the available movies. To check films please go here.

On other MUBI news we learn that soon his catalog will be larger: “MUBI signs slew of deals. The London, Paris and Buenos Aires-based online video on demand provider MUBI has signed with British sales company HanWay Films to distribute its catalog that includes films by Wim Wenders, Merchant Ivory and Bernardo Bertolucci, in addition to 50 films from the British Film Institute.”

The Marche started selling films, in the news most sales done for the American market, like Playing the Field, Gerard Butler soccer comedy (?!).

Last night Canal + opening ceremony drew an audience of 1.9 million, which is 10% share – from people watching TV- and becomes a record audience. With this success maybe next year organizers will like to consider not only France and French territories coverage –that Canal + has- and expand broadcast coverage to the World! I’m sure that audience could grow exponentially.

Did you notice that today screenings have mainly films by female directors? I did. We can say that today is a good day for women filmmakers, at least in Cannes.

As happens every year the most beautiful videos to watch, most interesting (to me) video interviews are in one and only one site: Arte TV. To start the 2011 Cannes coverage they did compilation “Recut spécial Palmes d’or” showing some of the past winners. Watch this and more videos at site or check Movie On facebook page for selected videos. Wasn’t until browsed site that I remarked that most films have children as main characters, they have a special section called l’enfant du jour (Child of the day) that today includes La Guerre est declare and We Need to Talk About Kevin; interesting. As the festival advances more and more videos will be up at this fabulous site. Site link is in this blog first column.

Other Activities

Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman and Angelina Jolie promoted Kung Fu Panda 2. (yes will post Angelina’s photo as she looks healthy on it – ok she also looks very good, lol! – if you browse the net you will find lots of Angelina’s very nice photos).

The Not-So-Serious News

As I imagined Pablo Trapero is in Cannes; if you don’t know he’s Martina Gusman husband/partner but what amazes me are his photos that are around the net with great Elsa Zylberstein, hope that Trapero could expand casting to include European actors in his films.

French press is following Maïwenn even when she’s just doing shopping at la Croisette (lol!). Irrelevant yet surprising: Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith celebrate 15 years together this week and as press says: “defying the cliché of short-lived Hollywood unions”.

Photos of the Day

Is too early for the red carpet photos, so will publish post only with one but later will add more if applicable. Not many nice photos today, I don't even particularly like Aish dress or photo (but she's a must here) so let's start with an amazing Tilda Swinton photo. (In case you forgot, click photo to see it in original size - which obviously looks better)

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