The Light Side of Cannes 2011

In one day (in France already is tomorrow) the Mother of all Festivals will start once more and already is creating big buzz in the net thanks to before the festival activities like the Chanel fashion show that happened on Monday May 9 night. But la Fête starts Wednesday night with the opening ceremony that still not sure if will be able to watch it live, let’s hope so I don’t have to wait until the recording becomes available.

This year Cannes expects a lot of “Big Hollywood Stars” starting Wednesday with the opening ceremony red carpet and some of the jury members like Robert de Niro, Uma Thurman and Jude Law; but also thanks to the opening movie Woody Allen, Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams will be walking the red carpet. No, Carla Bruni will not be there nor Marion Cotillard that unfortunately is pregnant, but let’s hope she will make a brief appearance even if doesn’t walk the red carpet. Last but not least we will see Mélanie Laurent that is this year Mistress of Ceremony and we can’t forget Bernardo Bertolucci who will get the first honorary Palm.

May 12 doesn’t seem to have many famous celebrities but I’m looking forward to “meet” two of the directors with movies in competition: Lynne Ramsay and Julia Leigh. Then of course have to catch what Gus Van Sant says about the Un Certain Regard opening film and after the amazing posters I’m looking forward to see Faye Dunaway. Yes, on this date Angelina Jolie will be busy at the Carlton promoting Kung Fu Panda 2.

May 13 is when we will have to see Johnny Depp! (still my best male celebrity/actor/etc. in the world – lol!) and Penelope Cruz will also be around. But most interesting is to see La divine Maïwenn as the French press calls her. Also today Brad Pitt in the red carpet that I imagine will walk it without Angelina.

Let’s jump a few dates or this will be long, let’s go to May 16 when Isabelle Huppert will present the Semaine de la Critique 50th anniversary film; but also this is the day when we will see Jodie Foster speaking French for sure. Then on May 18 is the day of Melancholia which means Charlotte Gainsbourg and Kristen Dunst.

My most awaited press conference will be on May 19 when Pedro Almodovar hopefully entertains us with his peculiar ways; also there Elena Anaya, Antonio Banderas who will come with the wife, Melanie Griffith.

Last (for today) on May 22 Catherine Deneuve and her daughter Chiara Mastroianni, la divine Ludivine Sagnier, and Louis Garrel will walk the red carpet plus we will peak who’s in the audience to guess the winners (lol!).

As there are so many other activities, actors/filmmakers promoting their films, parties, and many people just being there to grab some attention upon them, gossip says that Patrick Dempsey, Gwen Stefani, Sharon Stone (of course), P. Diddy, Black Eyed Peas and even George Clooney (at Roberto Cavalli yacht) could be around. LOL! I just imagine all the paparazzi going after them to capture the photos that will appear in all the gossipy publications; well after all Cannes is a source of employment and a source of business for many more people than the filmmakers.

Can’t deny that I also like to follow some of the light side of Cannes, especially everything related to Aishwarya Rai that OF COURSE this year will also be in Cannes as L’Oreal ambassador and promoting her new film "Heroine" that is still in pre-pre-pre production (lol!).

Anyway soon the greatest Cinema Party in the world will start and hope to have more fun than any other year while uncovering everything Cannes day by day.


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