Johnny at Cannes 2011

I’m going to go directly to the point: Today is Johnny Depp day! Yay!!! Of course the photocall is FULL of photographers and yes all are calling for Johnny, once in a while you hear Penelope… but seems is the same guy with an awful accent. LOL! So funny when Johnny gets Penelope and Astrid; but when he stays only with Penelope is chaos. Ok, they go nuts also when Penelope is alone. Oh no, even Jerry Bruckheimer gets more noise than some actors. Anyway Pirates of the Caribbean #4 photocall is fun to watch and quite noisy. Interview is too serious, but with so many celebrities interviewer was hurrying to cover all.

Rob Marshall said such nice words about Johnny that I got emotional (lol!) but Johnny also reacted. Ah! Monica, Penelope sister had to do some far-away scenes later in filming as Penelope’s silhouette had changed too much by then. Oh! so serious press conference, this is not a serious movie… but Johnny is the one that makes us laugh sometimes. Sorry but is funny to see newsman that clearly speak Spanish asking Penelope questions in English, even Penelope smiles (at their struggle, I suppose). I’m trying to watch the complete press conference (I don’t care about spoilers for this one, I don’t even enjoy much the Pirates saga after all) but the not-smart press questions are driving me nuts. Geoffrey Rush is the funniest and with such class jokes, unfortunately not many questions for him; second with utter most sarcasm is Johnny –who’s just fabulous (of course). Oh! the only interesting question to Penelope they turned down the volume as she answered in Spanish and the translator came in (grrr…). The question was about Pedro Almodovar movie.

The red carpet has more, many more photographers and people. The jury is there and for sure there will be beautiful photos of Uma. It’s true for her age, Jane Fonda looks superb, isn’t she older than Faye Dunaway? I can imagine what’s going to happen when Johnny arrives (lol!). It’s Rob Marshall first time in Cannes. Screams!! lol! Johnny is signing autographs, bodyguard controlling the woman (gosh, terrible, isn’t?). Again Penelope is asked about Pedro and how strange is to see her in Cannes without him. Cute, he’s always cute with his very particular wardrobe style … is he wearing blue pants? Nope was the light (see filmmakers that’s what improper lighting can do). The official speaker says Johnny's name and all you hear are screams… weird. Someone should be recording the screams as surely could be used for some scary film, lol! Red carpet was okay.

I started the post as usual, day 4 blah, blah; but while doing it had to change the post name as you already noticed because Johnny was taking all the space (lol!). Will do the regular post sans Johnny and this movie that nah will not rush to the cinema to watch even if they say that is fresh, new, and went out of his way to make it … what? Different? More entertaining? Apt for a wider audience? Who knows, as saga is already a huge business success.

Nothing, no one could stop Cannes for me, ONLY Johnny and there is no shame in making the silly fact public. LOL!!!

Now the photos!


Press Conference

Red Carpet

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