Almost Summer Movie Bits

After Cannes I was left with an entertainment mood wishing to watch only irrelevant escape films that take me into fantasy land. So that’s exactly what I have been doing with a few exceptions. But I’m also in a 3D mood so for sure will go to watch not Pirates but the green movie that soon will open at a theater near you with none other than Ryan Reynolds and a story about my favorite super hero from when I was a kid.

Unknown – If you don’t expect much then this thriller will entertain you even when story is similar to many other stories –man hits head and not even wife recognizes him- but here the twist at the end is unexpected and unfortunately anticlimactic. Starring great Liam Neeson carrying the entire film well -but take note that this is NO great Taken- plus many other great actors like Bruno Ganz, Sebastian Koch, Frank Langella, Aidan Quinn, January Jones and Diane Kruger makes movie watchable and for a while you will surely forget everything about your real life. Enjoy!

Just Go with It – Expecting not much, movie really surprised me. First because I had no idea Nicole Kidman was here and much less that she was doing comedy. Second because movie is as good/entertaining as those movies with the Sandler/Barrymore duo. Third I had fun watching Jennifer Aniston, which is absolutely unusual. So if you liked movies like The Wedding Singer and/or 50 First Dates I know you will enjoy this movie. Enjoy.

Red Ridding Hood – Perhaps I really like Catherine Hardwicke filmmaking style with spectacular outdoor compositions and takes but to my huge surprise, I enjoyed this movie for the visuals and well the unusual take on the classic fairy tale. Some female critics are saying that this movie target is female teenagers, hmm… maybe but even if I’m no teen I can tell you I enjoy watching great Julie Christie in the screen –she should act more often- and the twisted story that kept me wondering who the werewolf was. No, didn’t guessed right, so was absolutely unexpected, which is also unusual for me. This is no horror movie or thriller, is more like a suspense “who dunnit” kind of movie with spectacular visuals. Enjoy!!

Ilusiones Opticas (Optical Illusions) – When I finished watching this movie by Cristián Jiménez I said “is okay”. Not much time passed when I started to really think what I saw in the screen and then, story absolutely hit me hard, very hard. Movie is about “optical illusions” about what is crudely in front of you but you don’t chose to see it for whatever reason; so you create your fantasy to cover reality, to dream a dream of change, with a happier ending that never will be. Great story in a minimalist, narrative oriented film with some humor, some sadness, and some temporary happiness. If you decide to watch it you will not be disappointed. Enjoy!!!

Pa negre (Black Bread) - This Agustí Villaronga film tells about what lies can do to people, how one lie takes to another lie, how lies come from ignorance and from fear of what others could say if you admit truth, even when everybody else knows truth but chose to keep it silent or to forget about it, until truth comes out and everyone points fingers. Yes that’s what this entertaining movie is all about but using kids plus the harsh post-war years’ in Spain Catalan countryside makes what could have been a difficult-to-watch story into a more digestible story and an entertaining movie. Enjoy!!

Barney’s Version – Not sure what I was expecting from this movie, but surely wasn’t much as I don’t particularly like Paul Giamatti performances and much less, Scott Speedman; so when movie starts and goes to the past in Italy I almost stopped watching but decided to continue and I’m very glad as in the end, I liked this movie that tells the story of Barney Panofsky with his business successes, his female conquests –until he’s conquered by one woman- and his numerous failures. To me story and movie is a satire that pictures quite well the life of many men, a story that strongly resembles the life of many real life men that I know. An entertaining movie to escape reality while watching what could be reality to many. Enjoy!!

Ubiitsy (Killers) – This 1956 short film co directed by Andrei Tarkovsky when he was a student at VGIK absolutely is the best student film I have EVER seen. Is the last of Tarkovsky’s so reduced (11 titles) oeuvre that I had to see before I die or I decide to stop doing the blog. Now I can say that I have seen all his outstanding films and this short co directed with his student colleagues, with them acting, and with a scene with Tarkovsky acting is truly visual poetry even when is based on a short story by Hemingway about some killers that are in town to kill a man. If you love Tarkovsky’s work as much as I do, you have to watch this short film as well as the other 10 films he did. Truly Outstanding. BIG ENJOY!!!

El Sicario: Room 164 - A documentary that tells about the life (20 years) of a man as a highly trained Mexican narco hit man that will capture your attention not only because what he says but also for his multiple drawings while telling the most horrible stories of killings, kidnappings, torture and all the things he did while being trained, starting to work, becoming an expert and how he went into hiding, as now there is a contract on his life of US$250,000. You will not see a thing but you will hear everything, which I believe makes it more ice-cold terrific. Still, is mesmerizing until the very not-expected end that is totally anti-climatic and ruined the doc for me. Watch at your own risk. Enjoy!

El Infierno (Hell) – Actually watched this film before watching the above documentary and definitively was the reason why I decided to watch El Sicario as wanted to learn more about narco’s life as with this movie you get a satiric approach, which is very entertaining and definitively succeeds in getting you to think about this theme that you hardly think about it in your everyday life. As mentioned in other post, film is good as humor facilitates watching everything; but when you live or have lived in Mexico or any other country where chaos is real, film definitively is must be seen to realize that after all whatever is happening in Mexico -and many other similar countries- is consequence of many years, hundreds of years, where citizens indifference –and participation- have made everything possible as they did before, are doing today and unfortunately will continue to do tomorrow. According to what I read –and I agree- many films released for Mexico’s bicentennial celebration tell so many dark truths that makes many wonder if there is something to celebrate as “nothing has changed much” after 200 years. Enjoy!!!

Surely I’m forgetting some films, but this is it for today!


53rd Ariel Awards

A while back the Mexican Academy had their award ceremony where the narco-themed satire El Infierno (Hell) swept the awards by winning nine top film prizes, including best picture and director. I have seen the movie -that was released under Mexico’s Bicentennial celebrations- and is a dark comedy that precisely because the humor is able to tell and show many crude “realities” about what’s happening in Mexico with the narco, the government, and perhaps most of all its citizens. It’s a film that many should watch, especially if you live in a country where citizens indifference facilitates chaos.

Here are nominations with winner in (*) BLUE for some categories.

Best Film
Abel, Diego Luna
Chicogrande, Felipe Cazals
(*) El Infierno (Hell), Luis Estrada

Best First Film
Alamar, Pedro Gonzalez Rubio
(*) Año Bisiesto (Leap Year), Michael Rowe
La Mitad del Mundo, Jaime Ruiz Ibáñez

Best Director
Diego Luna for Abel
Felipe Cazals for Chicogrande
(*) Luis Estrada for El Infierno

Best Actress
Karina Gidi in Abel, Diego Luna
(*) Mónica Del Carmen in Año Bisiesto (Leap Year), Michael Rowe
Maricel Alvares in Biutiful, Alejandro González Iñárritu
Ursula Pruneda in Las Buenas Hierbas (The Good Herbs), María Novaro

Best Actor
Javier Bardem in Biutiful, Alejandro González Iñárritu
(*) Damián Alcázar in El Infierno (Hell), Luis Estrada
Demián Bichir in Hidalgo, la Historia Jamás Contada, Antonio Serrano
Hansel Ramírez in La Mitad del Mundo, Jaime Ruiz Ibáñez

Best Iberoamerican Film
El Hombre de al Lado (The Man Next Door), Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat, Argentina
(* Tie) José Martí: el ojo del canario, Fernando Pérez, Cuba
(* Tie)También la lluvia (Even the Rain), Iciar Bollaín, Spain

To check nominations in all categories go here and for all winners go here.

Many were wondering why the movie that was submitted to 2011 Oscar was not even nominated in top categories, but some of us know that Mexico politics are not always clear not only in the Country but also in cinema circles. Anyway if you wish to understand better what’s going on in Mexico, then El Infierno should be must be seen for you.

64th Festival de Cannes Award Winners

With a “Blue Screen of Death” in the middle of the broadcast I watched the live Cannes 2011 ceremony (yay!), I’m so glad to have a fast, lean, clean machine that starts again FAST! Ceremony was fast, which is very welcomed by everyone. So, here are ALL the Cannes 2011 winners.

Main Competition

Palme d’Or: The Tree of Life, Terrence Malick, USA

Grand Prix (tie): Bir Zamanlar Anadolu’da (Once Upon a Time in Anatolia), Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Le Gamin au Vélo (Boy with a Bike), Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, Belgium, France and Italy

Jury Prize:Polisse, Maïwenn, France

Best Director: Nicolas Winding Refn for Drive, USA
Best Screenplay:Joseph Cedar for Hearat Shulayim (Footnote), Israel

Best Actress: Kirsten Dunst in Melancholia, Lars Von Trier, Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany and Italy
Best Actor: Jean Dujardin in The Artist, Michel Hazanavicius, France

Honorary Palm d’Or: Bernardo Bertolucci and Jean-Paul Belmondo

Camera d’Or: Las Acacias, Pablo Giorgelli, Argentina and Spain (from La Semaine de la Critique)

Short Films
Palme d’Or: Cross (Cross-Country), Maryna Vroda, France and Ukraine
Special Mention: Badpakje 46 (Swimsuit 46), Wannes Destoop, Belgium

Un Certain Regard

Un Certain Regard Prize (tie): 아리랑 Arirang, Kim ki-duk, South Korea and Halt Auf Freier Strecke (Stopped on Track), Andreas Dresen, Germany
Jury Prize: Elena, Andrei Zvyagintsev, Russia
Best Director: Mohammad Rasoulof for Bé Omid é Didar (Good Bye), Iran

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs (Directors’ Fortnight)

Label Europa Cinemas: Atmen (Breathing), Karl Markovics, Austria
Art Cinema Award: Les Géants, Bouli Lanners, Belgium, France and Luxembourg
Prix SACD: Les Géants, Bouli Lanners, Belgium, France and Luxembourg
Séance "Coup de coeur": Play, Ruben Östlund, Sweden, France and Denmark
Carrosse d'Or: Jafar Panahi

Semaine de la Critique (Critic's Week)

Feature Films
Grand Prize: Take Shelter by Jeff Nichols, USA
Special Mention of the President: Snowtown by Justin Kurzel, Australia
SACD Prize: Take Shelter by Jeff Nichols, USA
ACID/CCAS Support: Las Acacias, Pablo Giorgelli, Argentina and Spain
OFAJ (Very) Young Critic Award: Las Acacias, Pablo Giorgelli, Argentina and Spain
Grand Rail d’Or: Las Acacias, Pablo Giorgelli, Argentina and Spain

Short Films
Best Short: Blue, Stephan Kang, New Zealand
Special Mention: Alexis Ivanovitch vous êtes mon héros, Guillaume Gouix, France
Discovery Award: Dimanches, Valérie Rosier, Belgium
Petit Rail d’Or: Junior, Julia Ducournau, France


First Prize: Der Brief (The Letter), Doroteya Droumeva, Germany,
Second Prize: Drari, Kamal Lazraq, France
Third Prize: Ya-Gan-Bi-Hang (Fly By Night), Son Tae-gyum, South Korea

To read award winners plus info about each film please go here.

Collateral Awards

Main Competition: Le Havre, Aki Kaurismäki, Finland, France and Germany
Un Certain Regard: L'Exercice de l'Etat (The Minister), Pierre Schoeller, France
Semaine de la Critique: Take Shelter by Jeff Nichols, USA

Ecumenical Jury Award: This Must Be the Place, Paolo Sorrentino, Italy, France and Ireland
Special Mention: Le Havre, Aki Kaurismäki, Finland, France and Germany and Wo Hallah La Wen? (Where Do We Go Now?), Nadine Labaki, Lebanon and France

Prix de la Jeunesse: La Piel Que Habito (The Skin I Live In), Pedro Almodóvar, Spain
Prix du Jeune Regard: Martha Marcy May Marlene, Sean Durkin, USA

Queer Palm: Skoonheid (Beauty), Olivier Hermanus, South Africa, France and Germany (gay interest)

Prix François Chalais: Wo Hallah La Wen? (Where Do We Go Now?), Nadine Labaki, Lebanon and France
Special Mention: Bé Omid é Didar (Good Bye), Mohammad Rasoulof, Iran

Prix France Culture Cinema Award: Céline Sciamma and Alexandre Astruc
MEDIA European Talent Prize: Virág Zomborácz (Hungary) and Hanna Sköld (Sweden)
Chopard Newcomers: Astrid Bergès-Frisbey and Niels Schneider

Palm Dog: Uggy in The Artist
Jury Grand Prix: Laika in Le Havre

Le Festival de Cannes c'est fini ... à l’année prochaine!!!

2011 Cannes Queer Palm Award Winner

So perhaps my gaydar is not rusty (or should I say my movie gaydar?) as the ONLY movie that I discover as really having LGBT interest is the winner of the 2011 Queer Palm. Hmm, still have to watch films that were considered but from what I leaned from each film LGBT interest is marginal to story and/or is related to secondary characters.

There are two exceptions, one is the film that there was no available info or meaningful trailer, Michael, and it wasn't after was screened that we learned what was all about. Similar situation happened for the second, Snowtown. As we know now both films are not what we can call a positive representation of LGBT relations/lifestyle that awards similar to this one honor. Still, if now I think about the film that was honored last year, Kaboom -which I already saw- wasn't also a positive portrait ... so, don't really know what organizers honor with this award.

Nevertheless, this year the Queer Palm goes to a clearly gay interest film.

Skoonheid (Beauty), Olivier Hermanus, South Africa, France and Germany

Film was part of Cannes Official Selection and was screened in the Un Certain Regard section; I hope film is as interesting as what I learned promises because I'll watch film.

This year the Queer Palm site was sort of abandoned and better coverage came from French LGBT sites, I hope that this improves next year as I really want this award to consolidate as a desired award that filmmakers are interested in winning, just like happens with the Teddy. Last, today we know the winner but still have no clear idea about which films were considered for the award.

If you wish to read the news at a French site please go here.

Found the reason why movie was chosen:

“We have been deeply impressed by a movie which comes from a country of the “Cine-World” as [French, daily newspaper] Libération would say, a country which remains to be explored: South Africa. The movie takes place in a background which is the white, straight, religious middle class, that is the ruling class of the country. This is a portrayal of a man, a family man, being confronted to his profound desire and being unable to accept it. It’s a film about self-hatred and a film about homophobia, as well as a film dealing with racism, in a very subtle way. It is a true cinema film, a quite unpleasant one at first sight, and very disturbing, hard-hitting, radical. We are honored and delighted to award the 2011 Queer Palm to “Skoonheid” (Beauty) by Oliver Hermanus.”

To read at official site go here.


2011 Cannes Queer Palm Lineup


Perhaps my gaydar is rusty but I found one gay interest film in all the selections and was hoping that one film was lesbian interest but according to Queer Palm organizers there are ten films that can be considered for this award and unfortunately the one I was hoping in the lesbian interest is not there.

These are the films to be considered for the award during the second edition of the Queer Palm.

Busong (Palawan Fate), Auraeus Solito, Philippines
Chatrak (Mushrooms), Vimukthi Jayasundara, India and France
Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes, Jérôme de Missolz, France and Belgium
La Guerre est déclarée, Valérie Donzelli, France (maybe with lesbian interest??!! Yes in secondary characters)
La Piel Que Habito (The Skin I Live In), Pedro Almodóvar, Spain
My Little Princess, Eva Ionesco, France
Skoonheid, Olivier Hermanus, South Africa, France and Germany (gay interest)
Snowtown, Justin Kurzel, Australia
Walk away Renée, Jonathan Caouette, USA, France and Belgium (gay interest)

Also considering O Abismo Pratedo by Karim Aïnouz, Brazil but I imagine that only after watching film will confirm if is eligible or not. Also in the selection a film from the independent cinema selection (L’Acid): Gatos Viejos (Old Cats), Sebastian Silva and Pedro Peirano, Chile which is with lesbian interest!!!

To read about each movie you have to open the complete guide and browse it; guide is here available in French and English, but be careful as the English version has several mistakes.

President: Elisabeth Quin, Journalist/writer, France
Marie Comant, Journalist, France
Gerard Lefort, Film critic, France
Thomas Abeltshauser, Journalist/film critic, Germany
Fred Arends, Pink Screens Film Festival programmer/journalist/film critic, Belgium
Esther Cuénot, Co founder of Quinzaine de cinema LGBT or Cinemarges Festival, France
Roberto Schinardi, Journalist/film critic, Italy

To learn more about each of the juror go here.

With a few exceptions, the movie descriptions included in the guide are as ambiguous as the ones I have read, so the only way we could be sure is after someone has seen the films. Almodovar has been so mysterious about this movie that no one is really sure if movie will have some LGBT interest and just because is Almodovar I don’t want to assume that film will be eligible, but he’s one of my favorite directors so all his films are must be seen for me no matter the story. The same applies to Isabelle Huppert movies, so if My Little Princess has some LGBT interest will be a tiny plus but I’ll watch movie for her performance and the puzzling story.

Most interesting is that organizers are planning to have Le Marché Queer Palm to promote LGBT filmmakers and films. The market will not be open this year but already started planning for the 2012 edition, so if my filmmakers friends are interested go here to find the formats to be used to register feature films, short films, screenplays and/or synopsis (depending of the stage of your project).

Also on May 17 the film Illegal Love by Julie Gali will be screened to celebrate the International Day Against Homophobia. Closing ceremony will be on May 21st. Still pending the short films that are eligible and they have announced one juror for the short film competition: Joao Pedro Rodrigues; as soon as there more info available will modify post.

Honestly I’m still not sure how many films will be eligible for this year award but I hope that the Queer Palm second edition will be successful and most important, sets strong basis for improvement in future editions so eventually will become a respected and desired award, just like the Belinale’s Teddy Award.

Read synopsis, watch photos and some trailers @MOC

Day 11 at Cannes 2011

Tomorrow is the last day. Sigh. By now there are many press people that have seen the Palm d’Or winner as have seen the 20 films in competition, the question is which one will be chosen by the Jury? Have to admit that’s an eclectic jury, but today is the day that will try to guess with some objectivity. Still today is a great day as there are several films that absolutely are must be seen for me.

Main Competition

Another of the most awaited films by me, Bir Zamanlar Anadolu’da (Once Upon a Time in Anatolia) by one of my favorite directors, Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Have to accept that his previous film was less enjoyable than previous but from trailers –and first comments- film has to be visually stunning.

Not only has a Romanian director but also one actress I love to watch in the screen so is no surprise that La Source des Femmes (The Source) by Radu Mihaileanu is a must be seen movie for me.

Out of Competition

The red carpet will be tomorrow with the closing ceremony, but since today film will be screened and the photocall has amazing photos let’s talk today about Les Bien-aimés (The Beloved) by Christophe Honoré starring “La Reine” Catherine Deneuve, the divine Ludivine Sagnier, very hansome Louis Garrel, and looking each day more like his father, Chiara Mastroianni. Absolutely must be seen for me and wait will be very hard to endure.

Un Certain Regard

Since amazing Izgnanie (The Banishment) Adrei Zvygintsev became an almost perfect storyteller and filmmaker as film had great story with mesmerizing visuals; a while back learned that he has released a third film (first was amazing The Return), Elena and certainly was very glad that film became the closing film in this section as assures me that there is the possibility of faster movie release so the wait becomes shorter. I recognize his particular style in movie photos and let’s hope that story will be as engaging as in his previous two feature films.

Will publish awards before this post as I’m learning winners via twitter, but will wait for official news to publish post.

Cannes Classics

Today a medium-length film, Le Rideau Cramoisi (The Crimson Curtain) by Alexandre Astruc, a director that had a big influence on the Nouvelle Vague. Screening will have the presence of the director and great Anouk Aimée who is the star in film that no have not seen it but yes, of course will love to see film.

Short Films

Today the screening of all the shorts in competition, if you wish to learn the shorts please go here.

Not a bad day at all; yes the last day with film screenings is today, so this is my last daily post.  Tomorrow we will be anxiously waiting for the awards that hope to be able to follow live on TV and/or twitter.


Céline Sciamma and Alexandre Astruc were honored with the Prix France Culture Cinema 2011 in a ceremony at the Majestic Barrière. Awards were given by Yasmina Réza, president of this year edition. As noted above Astruc is also honored today at Cannes Classics and Sciamma is very well known in this blog for her extraordinary debut film Naissance des Pieuvres (Water Lilies) that was at 2007 Cannes in the Un Certain Regard, winning in 2008 the prestigious Prix Louis Delluc, and her second film released just last April in France, Tomboy was the winner of the 2011 Teddy Jury Award; obviously all her films were, are and will be must be seen for me.

My Best Guesses

Palm d’Or will go to… Hazanavicius OR Aki (the first if certain jury group prevails and the second if they’re really unanimous). But deep in my heart I wish this could be the Almodovar year, sigh.

But I know that movies by Hazanavicius, Kaurismäki, Dardenne Bros, Almodovar, and Sorrentino will get one of the many awards.


Today photos from films that are Must Be Seen for me: Les Bien-aimés, La Source des Femmes, and Nuri Bilge Ceylan's Bir Zamanlar Anadolu’da

64th Festival de Cannes Un Certain Regard Award Winners

I’m starting post with info from twitter that’s just pouring, but will not publish until awards are posted at the official site; still I’m getting info from the official festival twitter feed.

Here are the winners that Emir Kusturica and his jury selected for this year.

Un Certain Regard Prize (tie):
아리랑 Arirang, Kim ki-duk, South Korea
Halt Auf Freier Strecke (Stopped on Track), Andreas Dresen, Germany

Jury Prize: Elena, Andrei Zvyagintsev, Russia

Best Director: Mohammad Rasoulof for Bé Omid é Didar (Good Bye)

FIPRESCI Award: L'Exercice de l'Etat (The Minister), Pierre Schoeller, France

To read official press release please go here.Very pleased with winners as almost all -except one- are films that I have to watch and definitively will watch.

The Un Certain Regard Award Winners and the Jury

Day 10 at Cannes 2011

As you’ll notice the feeling that Cannes is fading away is not just a feeling as not only sections are announcing their awards, but also there are fewer films to watch.

Main Competition

Paolo Sorrentino became a must be seen director for me since I saw his amazing movie Il Divo and I’m looking forward to see This Must Be The Place as I believe his casting choice is extraordinary for a first film in the English language, the story is intriguing and with his style film has to be sensational. I hope I’m right. First comments tend to be positive.

Photocall with Sean, Judd Hirsh, and others I’m not really familiar with but photographer’s call for Sean and Paolo. Interview only Sean and Paolo. Very interesting short interview. Press conference. When they meet Sean said Any time, Any Where, Any Script… he got the script and said yes… all this because Sean saw Il Divo at Cannes… moderator said “that’s strange” yes and stranger if is Sean Penn but I definitively agree, Sorrentino is a very special director. A very inappropriate question to Sean about Scarlett. Unfortunately question to Sorrentino about story, volume goes to off. “stunning images” (I knew it). Nice. Red carpet has cast and crew, all videos are okay, short and serious. Oops! Just learned that the young woman is Bono’s daughter.

After what I learned about movie today, have to add Sean Penn to my Best Actor guess, he’s a contender.

From trailers and synopsis I don’t think will watch Drive by Nicolas Winding Refn as movie story surely will not be pleasant for me; but you can never say with a Cannes Official Selection film as always end up watching all.

Out of Competition

Two films. First, In Film Nist (This is Not A Film) by Jafar Panahi and Mojtaba Mirtahmab and narrates their waiting for the verdict of the Court of Appeal, thus giving a snapshot of the situation faced by Iranian cinema.

As part of the tribute to Tunisia, the documentary La Khaoufa Baada Al’yaoum (No More Fear) by Mourad Ben Cheick, is a first film and competes for the Camera d’Or. Film is a testimonial of the director’s engagement in the struggle for freedom in his country.

Un Certain Regard

The only new film is Okhotnik (The Hunter) by Bakur Bakuradze as the other screenings are the reprise of The Murderer and Oslo, 31 August. Yes, I’m interested in watching Bakuradze’s second film and still waiting to be able to watch his first.

Cannes Classics

Today the 1961 film L’Assassino (The Assassin) by Elio Petri and starring none other than dearest Marcello Mastroianni, don’t recall having watch this movie, but I do remember watching many Mastroianni’s films, so maybe I did. Still hope a DVD becomes available with the restored version.

Also today, the Cinema Masterclass by Malcom McDowell presented by Michel Ciment.

There is a surprise film screened tomorrow, so we will be checking to find what film was chosen.


Today screening of the last program and in late afternoon is the awards ceremony, so today another festival section closes. Program 4 screens the following short films: Cagey Tigers by Aramisova, A Viagem (The Trip) by Simão Cayatte, La Fiesta de Casamiento (The Wedding Party) by Gastón Margolin and Martín Morgenfeld, and Der Brief (The Letter) by Doroteya Droumeva.

Awards are already announced so will publish post before this one.


Today is the screening of the three short programs and in the early night, the award ceremony plus the screening of the closing film Les Géants by Bouli Lanners –that probably will watch eventually. If you wish to check the fourteen (14) short films screened in this section please go here and browse down to Short Films.

The section already announced the award winners, will post before posting this one.


Today the last film, Black Blood by Miayan Zhang as tomorrow there will reprises of two films; I’m very curious about this Chinese/French production as story suggest that could be interesting plus visuals look fantastic.

The ACID Cannes program is also shown in the fall in Paris. In their schedule don’t have the date of their award ceremony which makes me wonder if they give any prizes; still will be checking to confirm.


Uma Thurman excused herself from the film festival today to attend a family funeral in Monaco; she will be back for the end of the competition as “she wishes to keep her commitments to the festival, despite the circumstances”.

As press says, most buyers have left Cannes as well as many newsmen but all over the net and in many languages media is talking about the huge success of Le Marché this year as many films found financing and as many found distributors for several or world markets. American companies did a lot of selling and buying, but many other nationalities did the same. Many of the films in the selection found buyers but BIG sales come from those that were promoted at Le Marché. Like an UK article says: Crisis, what crisis? This year Cannes showed no signs of crisis, not at Le Marché nor with the great Selection that is keeping us immersed into the Cannes world. What a difference a year makes.

Not-So-Serious News

Remember I told you about the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS event? Well the auction raised US$10 million dollars in a few hours; top bid was for the opportunity to play tennis with Prince Albert II of Monaco for which a bidder paid 500,000 euros; most interesting bid was the opportunity to walk the red carpet at next year Golden Globes with Uma Thurman. Watching events photos only to discover the many big name celebrities that attended the gala, but most impressive was to see Boy George!

Sorrentino’s film attracted many to the red carpet as I’m watching some nice photos of Gwen Stefani, Claudia Schiffer, always crazy Courtney Love, and if you wonder who the woman with Sean was, well is Roberta Armani.

Beautiful photos of Zhang Ziyi at the Majestic Hotel; have to find which movie she’s promoting.

Last, Marion Cotillard gave birth yesterday to Marcel, congratulations.

The Photo

Today only a photo of Isabelle Huppert at The Little Princess red carpet.

43rd Quinzaine des Réalisateurs Award Winners

A few moments ago the parallel section had the award ceremony where the following awards were presented to winners.

Label Europa Cinemas: Atmen (Breathing), Karl Markovics, Austria

Art Cinema Award: Les Géants, Bouli Lanners, Belgium, France and Luxembourg

Prix SACD: Les Géants, Bouli Lanners, Belgium, France and Luxembourg

Séance "Coup de coeur": Play, Ruben Östlund, Sweden, France and Denmark

To read announcement at official site go here where you can also check info about film and the directors.

The Closing Ceremony

Clôture 2011 from Quinzaine des Réalisateurs .

64th Festival de Cannes Cinéfondation Award Winners

A few minutes ago, the Cinéfondation and Short Films Jury presided by Michel Gondry awarded the three prizes that the section gives to three short films and here they are.

First Prize: Der Brief (The Letter), Doroteya Droumeva, Germany, 30’ – School: German Film and Television Academy Berlin

Second Prize: Drari, Kamal Lazraq, France, 39’ - School: La Fémis, France

Third Prize: Ya-Gan-Bi-Hang (Fly By Night), Son Tae-gyum, South Korea, 21’ - School: Chung-ang University, South Korea

Can’t help but be glad that a female director got the top award –and top money prize- that definitively will help this “filmmaker of the future” to continue her work as a student and forward. Her short definitively is must be seen for me. Great! But also second and third prize seems to be shorts worth watching.

To read press release pleas go here.

Meet the Award Winner Director

50th Semaine de la Critique Award Winners

Tonight the parallel section of the Cannes festival had the first award ceremony in the 2011 fest and here are the winners.

Feature Films

Grand Prize: Take Shelter by Jeff Nichols, USA

Special Mention of the President: Snowtown by Justin Kurzel, Australia

SACD Prize: Take Shelter by Jeff Nichols, USA

ACID/CCAS Support: Las Acacias, Pablo Giorgelli, Argentina and Spain

OFAJ (Very) Young Critic Award: Las Acacias, Pablo Giorgelli, Argentina and Spain

FIPRESCI Award: Take Shelter by Jeff Nichols, USA

Grand Rail d'Or: Las Acacias, Pablo Giorgelli, Argentina and Spain

Short Films

Best Short: Blue, Stephan Kang, New Zealand
Discovery Award: Dimanches, Valérie Rosier, Belgium
Special Mention: Alexis Ivanovitch vous êtes mon héros, Guillaume Gouix, France
Petit Rail d'Or: : Junior, Julia Ducournau, France

To read winners at the official site please go here.  Can deny my surprise that a film that calls my attention won the top award, but can’t forget that most of the films in this section are always very strange for my taste. Let’s hope that since top winner is an American film will not be that much strange.

Let's close post with visually magnificent photo from the top winner Take Shelter.

Day 9 at Cannes 2011

Whatever is happening at the festival, today still is Pedro’s day for me, so let’s hope Almodóvar amuses us and facilitates us to continue enjoying the festival.

Main Competition

Should admit that from all the in competition films the one that I’m REALLY dying to watch is Pedro Almodóvar’s La Piel Que Habito (The Skin I Live In) even when I didn’t enjoyed much his last movie as was perhaps too mainstream for my taste; so I really hope that with this movie he goes back to be the director we learned to love thanks to his most spectacular oeuvre during several decades. Well, positive comments in several languages, including one that made me laugh loud and I share: “just saw the Almodovar movie, understood half of it, it was incredible! (LOL!) … seems critics were divided (what’s new?) … that’s why I like to read “normal” people comments (lol!). Many are wondering about film genre (lol! who cares?!!), one describes it as “art house camp” … oh gosh, so funny.

Photocall starts with the very informal group and many photographers yelling Antonio, Elena and Maria!!! Lol! Is Marisa! Pedro! Aqui, por aqui! Lots of Spanish… and one woman very loud calling Antonio in English. Wish could hear what Pedro is telling Antonio, but is really noisy. Love it, started to laugh! Pedro and Antonio very close… “la ultima” is with Pedro. Funny and very noisy.

Oh, Pedro speaking French… ha, ha but “gladly” turns to Spanish and to praise Antonio… “a continuation of Matame” hmm… honestly, highly prefer Antonio Baderas in Spanish-speaking films and more with Almodovar… Antonio is analyzing how Pedro has changed “se ha depurado” (??!!!) … too many questions to Antonio and he’s too serious … grrr too much translation (to French)… “no se parece a lo que he hecho antes con Antonio ni con Marisa” (meaning: movie is different to what he has done before with Antonio and Marisa” … gosh is awful when you understand both languages (and know that they understand French) … lol! but interview is too serious, pity… finally, Elena! She’s too sweet… oh! (lol!) No idea who the young actor is… (OMG translator translates everything!) Blanca looks nice. I’m sooo glad that there was no question about film, but wanted more Pedro and less Antonio! Interview is okay, but too serious; hope press conference is juicier…

Press conference with “people” taking photos with their phones (???) strange… “entendido”, see of course he understands French … oh, no! spoilers… but I have to watch! Seems is going to be a serious press conference… Pedro speaking English … gosh learning too much about the story (grr…) “una familia muy salvaje … nothing similar to Spanish families” gee, Pedro helps the translation… wish there was NO translation… patience! Oh! too much info… Pedro is losing his hair… interesting what Pedro says about the genre (thriller)… Fritz Lang, his temptation… he thought about doing movie in black/white and silent but desisted… volume to off while translation (had enough)… lol! they look as bored as me… “after all the end is the old story about survival” … Los Ojos sin Rostro his reference … great no gore… he plays with some genres thriller, fantasy, sort of science fiction but not really as everything shown can be done in real life … even in a Spanish research facility where they’re doing artificial skin … unfortunately is a fact, press conference is too serious, pity … but at least questions go to Pedro. Ha, ha, Pedro you did Frankenstein… lol! let’s wait for the answer… the answer is: yes… “pero el cuerpo ya tiene vida” (but the body is already alive) LOL! Finally one question to Antonio, that have no idea how he will answer as is kind of dumb (about not showing his beautiful smile in this film)… he, he his voice sounds so good in Spanish (is not the same as when he speaks English –obviously) … he chose to give a smart answer to a dumb question… “horror frio” (like the type of horror) … yes getting too much info about the movie but what I’ve heard up-to-this moment makes movie more attractive to me, good! (volume to off in all very long translations, woman talks too much, she’s literal must be a very good simultaneous translator) ah! Brazilian music! Oh! Pelo Amor de Amar … Elena do Lima (?) … to tell my fascination for Brazilian music (mine too) … serious Antonio gets emotional –with words- about going back to Almodovar, to Spanish cinema, to his roots, to his home … (me, I’m glad to be able to watch Antonio in a film that hopefully will enjoy) … gosh Antonio has a very readable body language, you almost know what he’s thinking about question just by watching how he moves and his face expressions … Pedro too much info … but press conference is about to be over… too serious for my expectations but was okay, interesting. Hope that by now red carpet video is there… yes it is.

Red carpet starts with Malcom McDowell as the Clockwork Orange is also screened at the palais; Emmanuel Devos and the cast of Pourquoi tu pleures? also screened at the palais –in a different screen of course. Oh! Rossi de Palma and what I’m sure is a cross dresser, lol! probably her impersonator… fun. Antonio signing autographs with non-crazy or noisy fans. Pedro is interviewed and the translator is there too (very elegant, indeed, lol!). Yes movie is different, but is me and audiences will recognize me. Antonio in English… Elena speaking French (lol!) … oh gosh, Elena and Almodovar has to be great… Elena speaking English (lol!) … then French … then Spanish … so European, love it!! Marisa… no interview. Antonio fooling around. That’s what previous videos lack and I know they can do. Jean Paul Gaultier is there too! He did the costumes ah! I can imagine how costumes will look. Red carpet was short but was okay.

Ichimei (Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai) by Takashi Miike the 3D remake of Seppuku (Harakiri) by Masaki Kobayashi, which took the Cannes Special Jury prize in 1963. For Cannes history annals the fact that Miike becomes the first director of a 3D film to contest the Palme d’Or. I’m really torn as I didn’t enjoyed much his previous film 13 Assassins, but maybe will give movie a try eventually. Film photocall, Miike’s interview, and press conference are available, I watched a little of each but find it not entertaining and too many translations going on.

Un Certain Regard

Today L’Exercise de l’Etat (The Minister) by Pierre Schoeller; his second movie after Versailles and one that plays with the exercise of power and words as an instrument of power; of course will watch.

Also, The Day He Arrives by Hong Sangsoo who as we know won last year the section Jury prize with Ha Ha Ha that been dubious if I should watch or not. But his new film is in black and white and is not a comedy, so maybe I should start watching his work with this movie.

Cannes Classics

When I saw A Clockwork Orange I was truly shocked by what I saw in the screen, more specifically by how it was presented; but from that moment on Stanley Kubrick became one of my favorite directors. Yes I liked a lot 2001: A Space Odyssey, Dr. Strangelove, Lolita, plus other older films; but A Clockwork Orange was the one that really got me into Kubrick. So today the section screens a restored version of this so-famous movie that if you haven’t seen it I suggest you do, but wonder if you ever will be able to experience what many viewers –including me- experienced in the late 60’s or early 70s when movie was released and slowly-very slowly became available all over the world, as in those days movie was “radical” but today I know is not anymore. This is one movie that I have seen once and no one will make me watch it twice as don’t want to spoil my memories and the amazing experience that I had back then. Today screening will be attended by Malcom McDowell and the director’s wife, Christiane Kubrick.

Also today Il Etait une fois… Orange Mecanique (Once Upon a Time… A Clockwork Orange) by Antoine de Gaudemar.

Tonight the screening of 1952 La Macchina Ammazzacattivi by Roberto Rossellini, another of my favorite Italian master filmmakers and undisputed master of neo-realism; film was his first comedy.

Also within the section Egypt, Invited Coutry, 1971 Al Bostagui by Hussein Kamal which is perhaps the lighter film screened in the section as is about a postman who opens people’s mail and learns of a love story.

Cinéma de la Plage

Today a film from the Egypt, Invited Country, Le Cri d’une fourmi (Ant Scream), Sameh Abdel Aziz which closes the section published program as tomorrow there will be a reprise and on Saturday a “surprise film”. Film is described as “a funny, quirky film about the beginnings of the Egyptian revolution that tells the story of Gouda’s difficult return to Egypt and when he’s asked to “live like an ant”.


Two programs today. First Program 2 with the following short films: Ya-Gan-Bi-Hang (Fly by Night) by Son Tae-gyum, Big Muddy by Jefferson Moneo, Befetach Beity (On My Doorstep) by Anat Costi, and Drari by Kamal Lazraq.

Second, Program 3 with the following short films: Duelo Antes Da Noite (Duel Before Nightfall) by Alice Furtado, Bento Monogatari (Lunchbox Story) by Pieter Dirkx, Der Wechselbalg (Changeling) by Maria Steinmetz, and Al Martha Lauf (Marta Must Fly) by Ma’ayan Rypp.


Today three films. First, Atmen (Breathing) by Karl Markovics with a story that doesn’t call my attention but I’m curious about reactions to film, so will be reading them after the screening.

Second, Après le sud (Heat Wave) by Jean-Jacques Jauffret that calls my attention because film “refined and minimalistic mise en scène”, the few visuals I have seen, and film clip has marvelous silence.

Last, a film that I’m very curious as from what I have seen, seems has amazing compositions and visuals, but Sur la planche by Leïla Kilani story seems the kind of story I do enjoy as tells the story of a foursome “four girls on the run, made of love, choices, shattered destinies” the protagonists of a film noir under the conflicting auspices of the dream of globalization.


If you still don’t feel that the festival is coming to end, then consider that today this section closes with the Award Ceremony followed by the closing film: Pouquoi tu pleures? by Katia Lewkowicz, that surely will watch, and tomorrow there will screenings of the awarded films with the Soutien ACID/CCAS award, Prix SACD, Grand Prix, Prix Decouverte, and Grand Prix Canal+. So, later expect the first post with the first awards in this year festival.

In the late morning there will be the screening of the short films in the NISI MASA Istanbul Express with the following 8 films produced in the in the framework of the Istanbul Express project where 50 young filmmakers set off from San Sebastian in Spain crossing Europe by train and making itinerant documentaries during one month. If you wish to learn the films and/or learn more about the project please go here.


Today Goodnight Nobody by Jacqueline Zünd that calls my attention as is the tales of four insomniacs; before feature screening, two short films: Deep Inside by Marc Gibaja and Scenes de Vestiaire by Frédéric Malègue.

Also today and as a Special Screening, Léa by Bruno Rolland another film that calls my attention for Lea’s story.

Serious News

Decided to share the following news with you that are copy/paste from Cannes official site. First is the May 18 press release.

“The Festival de Cannes was disturbed about the statements made by Lars von Trier in his press conference this morning in Cannes. Therefore the Festival asked him to provide an explanation for his comments. The director states that he let himself be egged on by a provocation. He presents his apology. The direction of the Festival acknowledges this and is passing on Lars von Trier’s apology. The Festival is adamant that it would never allow the event to become the forum for such pronouncements on such subjects.”

Second, the Statement from the Board of Directors of the Festival de Cannes released on May 19.

“The Festival de Cannes provides artists from around the world with an exceptional forum to present their works and defend freedom of expression and creation. The Festival’s Board of Directors, which held an extraordinary meeting this Thursday 19 May 2011, profoundly regrets that this forum has been used by Lars Von Trier to express comments that are unacceptable, intolerable, and contrary to the ideals of humanity and generosity that preside over the very existence of the Festival. The Board of Directors firmly condemns these comments and declares Lars Von Trier a persona non grata at the Festival de Cannes, with effect immediately.”

I started to watch Melancholia’s red carpet where von Trier says he was behaving very Danish and was joking but decided to stop watching as really don’t like what’s happening; even if didn’t watch a thing –and now von Triers words are in videos that populate the net, but won’t watch them- I don’t like what Trier said (even if it was a joke) but neither like festival authorities and mass media reactions.

Still one thing is true, when Cannes starts many are predicting, speculating and waiting for the “Festival Scandal” and even if all were wrong in their predictions, now they have the scandal they all wished for so they can rejoice spreading the word for a while, as in a few months everything will be forgotten and some will start the Cannes scandal cycle again. Sigh.


Thanks to my watching Cannes photos pastime discovered a photocall for the film Les Hommes Libres (Free Men) starring none other than Tahar Rahim (remember him from A Prophet?) by Ismael Ferroukhi, will try to find more info about this WWII movie. Okay the film is Cannes in the “School Screenings” a section aimed at secondary pupils but it’s incomprehensible how it ended in that section.

Not-So-Serious News

I’m sure that everyone that’s still in Cannes will attend the screening of Almodovar’s film and first red carpet photos confirm what I suspected. OMG! love Elena’s shoes! Lol! But her dress looks like a blouse I used to have. Pedro’s shoes are colorful. Yes I’m watching photos as the last thing I’ll do today before publishing will be watching everything Almodovar! Think that I haven’t mention before photographer’s fascination with shoes; you have no idea of how many shoes I have been able to see in hundreds of photos, lol! Okay, I’m starting to watch cast photos from red carpet, hope soon video is up at official site. LOL! Photos are funny! Excellent! I’m starting to melt down into my “Almodovar mode”.

Today we can see the photos of amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala Party with attendees like Ivan Trump, Mischa Barton (looking very old but better than in previous photos), Michelle Rodriguez, Kenneth Cole, Fabiola Beracasa (lol!), Rosario Dawson, Brooke Shields, Sarah Ferguson, Freida Pinto, Dev Patel, etc.

Tonight the Cinema for Peace event honored Sean Penn career, one of the speeches was by a very smiling Leonardo DiCaprio, photos are all over the net. On other news American press, The Hollywood Reporter, honored Jodie Foster with an exclusive cocktail party where she was recognized for her “multifaceted career”.

My First Guess

As Cannes starts to fade and with –according to me- only two strong contenders not screened yet, here is my first guest for films that will get honors – in no particular order: The Artist and Le Havre seem to be strong contenders to grand prize, but also Almodovar’s La Piel Que Habito. Also could become contenders’ films by Sorrentino and Nuri Bilge Ceylan. My prediction could mean that the Palme d’Or will stay in Europe.

Best actress: Tilda Swinton, Marisa Paredes or Elena Anaya, Cecile de France, someone from Polisse, and maybe a newcomer.
Best actor: Antonio Banderas, Sean Penn, and the rest will be French actors…

Other awards: L’Apollonide (could get cinematography),
FIPRESCI Award could go to Michael

Still too early for crystal ball to be fogless but on Friday things will start to get clearer.

Today Photos

As today is Pedro’s day, here are only Pedro’s film photos… plus Rossi de Palma in La Piel Que Habito red carpet.

Day 8 at Cannes 2011

I’m starting to feel the “festival will be over soon” sad feeling, as there are only 4 days left. Sigh. Still looking forward to tomorrow when I hope to enjoy everything Almodovar for one day. Today I had the pleasure to celebrate Cannes with champagne and the great company of my photographer friend; so if something does not make sense, please blame the champagne, not me.

Main Competition

Two of my most awaited films. First Lars von Trier’s Melancholia that –of course- is must be seen for me because the director and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Photocall is full after all there are not many photo opportunities to catch von Trier with Kristen, Charlotte, John, Udo, and Stellan at the same time. Interview starts with Trier showing his very direct finger’s tattoo, think that Nordic directors are a blast as people too. Iterview has only Trier, Dunst and Gainsbourg. Sorry but turned volume off, questions are about movie story and if one movie I wish to learn nothing is this one; so I better stop interview. Trier’s movies tend to be controversial but when I see them, don’t find why they became controversial, so think will skip interview even if seems is fun as they’re laughing. Press conference starts with story questions, so sorry but won’t watch it. Could watch red carpet but it’s not there yet. Was true Charlotte is very pregnant, but she’s working, excellent! As expected headlines talk more about the controversy than anything else… gosh, every film is the same thing. Suggest skipping the buzz cloud and go directly to watch film. Period.

I’m reading the news and honestly, I’m really glad that decided to not watch Melancholia’s press conference, don’t want ANYTHING to ruin this movie for me. Controversy has become a hot topic in twitter and elsewhere but then, I’m all for watching his films and I don’t really care about his persona; somehow I tend to think that he’s also very Nordic, similar to Aki, but with a different humor style. Hate when media and people get into this non-cinema related controversies. Period.

Second a director I follow closely and her latest opus that from trailer looks a bit different, but really you can’t tell as is just one scene. I’m talking about Hanezu No Tsuki by Naomi Kawase that absolutely is must be seen for me. “Central role of the color red in her film” that’s surprising as is hard for me to imagine nature and color red… ah! wait will be hard. Skipped videos, don’t want to learn much about this film as really want film to surprise me, as always her films do. Watched red carpet which had not many photographers or people and camera wonders around without really finding focus… hmm, not many Japanese movie lovers at Cannes. So glad that most twitter comments are in Japanese, which of course, I don’t understand. So managed to finish movie coverage almost as virgin as when started writing about this movie; the only thing I learned I simply love it, the use of color red.

Out of Competition/Special Screenings

La Conquête (The Conquest) by Xavier Durringer about Nicolas Sarkozy that I’m not sure if want to watch, but probably will end up watching as this is not a documentary but a sort of film noir where “politicians kill each other with little phrases rather than with guns”. Then, any movie about the use of language immediately calls my attention.

From the newly branded Guest Country section that will happen from now on, Tamantashar Yom (18 days) by many directors. Egypt is the 2011 Guest Country. The collection is the vision of the January 25 Egyptian revolution as seen by Egyptian filmmakers. Could be interesting to watch.

Un Certain Regard

Three films. The first is must be seen for me as is Romanian cinema, Loverboy by Catalin Mitulescu; perhaps not as funny and outstanding as his debut film but yes, of course, I will watch it.

Second is Oslo, 31. August (Oslo, August 31st) by Joachim Trier that calls my attention as an exploration of the “Tiger City”, similar to how “Eric Rohmer explored Paris”.

The Murderer (The Yellow Sea) by Na Hong-jin ambitious action thriller that maybe is not the kind of movie for me even if it has very nice to watch visual compositions.

Cannes Classics

Three films. First the 1945 film Les Enfants du Paradis (Children of Paradise) by Marcel Carné a 3 hours 10 minutes film that in two parts; the first known as Le Boulevard du Crime (Boulevard of Crime) and the second L’homme blanc (The Man in White) but in Cannes today will be in one sitting. I don’t think I have seen this film but maybe now that’s restored will become available in DVD.

Second, a film presented in the framework of the tribute to Jean-Paul Belmondo, Stavinsky by Alain Resnais that saw a long time ago.

Last, Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel by Alex Stapleton with the presence of Roger Corman. Not really interested in watching a documentary about the “father of modern cinema” as Corman is known not only because his large-scale successes with B movies, like for example The Little Shop of Horrors, but also for launching a number of now well-know directors like Martin Scorsese, Jonathan Demme, Francis Ford Coppola, and Ron Howard.

Cinéma de la Plage

Also as part of the tribute to Jean-Paul Belmond, Le Magnifique (The One Magnificient) by Philipe De Broca, not sure but I think I saw it too.


Today the first short film program with the following shorts:
Suu et Uchikawa by Nathanael Carton; L’Estate che non viene (Till Summer Comes) by Pasquale Marino; The Agony and Sweat of the Human Spirit by D. Jesse Damazo and Joe Bookman; and Salsipuedes by Mariano Luque.


Today two films. First is Blue Bird by Gust Van den Berghe that calls my attention because is a “blue movie” as is filmed in blue monochrome; haven’t been able to watch his previous film Baby Jesus of Flanders, but surely this director puzzles me and definitively calls my attention.

Second is Chatrak by Vimukthi Jayasundara. Another director that haven’t been able to watch his previous movies so wonder if I’m going to be able to watch this one.

Quinzaine Special Screenings
Also two films. The first is the documentary La Nuit, ells dansent by Isabelle Lavigne and Stéphane Thibault that absolutely calls my attention and hopefully will watch as is a Canadian production.

Second Koi no Tsumi by Sion Sono. I like this director that usually does strange long films, but recently watched his 4 hours opus and honestly, wasn’t easy to watch complete. Maybe this one that is only two and half hours will be more endurable. Sion Sono movies are must be seen for me.


Sauna on Moon by Zou Peng that I’m interested in watching as is another type of bordello story set in China. Also because cameraman is none other than Yu Lik-wai, Jia Zhangke’s cinematographer.

Palmares de Morelia: 4 short films; La Mina de Oro (The Gold Mine) by Jacques Bonnavent, Pokina by Beatriz Herrera, Busco Empleo (Looking for a Job) by Francisco Valle, and Carne que Recuerda (Flesh that Remembers) by Dalia Huerta Cano.
Reprisse of Program 2 – short films are the same as in Day 6.


Today Le Grand Tour (The Big Trip) by Jérôme le Maire preceeded by two short films: Encore Heureux by Ivan Calbérac and Christine by Gilles Porte. Also Mafouza 5 –Paraboles by Emmanuelle Demoris a documentary presented as special screening, as well as the American movie Putty Hill by Matthew Porterfield. Not particularly interested in watching any of these films.


Like if we don’t know it, UK press is going crazy today because they just found out that there is a Dog Palm given to the best dog in a festival movie. Lol!

Yes is true. Many claimed that up to yesterday the frontrunner is none other than Aki’s Le Havre… too early we still have to see what Almodovar brings to the Croissette and one of my very favorite directors has yet to screen his film that from trailers seem that (luckily for me) went back to his roots and his astonishing brilliant visual style.

Buying film news continues with Tribeca Films acquiring US distribution rights to a French movie! Amazing. I’m talking about Jean-Pierre Ameris’ Romantics Anonymous that I never heard about film and had no idea existed.

Today there was another The Beaver photocall, this time was Mel and Jodie together and there a hundreds of photographs circulating the net.

South Africa’s Skoonheid screened yesterday generated positive comments, one describes movie as a “powerful account of homosexuality”, if accurate, then surely we have in this film the most likely Queer Palm winner as also, was the only LGBT film that I really believe has the “good interest” since I started to learn about films in fest.

Not-So-Serious News

Yesterday gossip, Leonardo di Caprio getting cozy with Blake Lively at a very nice yatch. Yatch is spectacular! (lol!) All happening while Bar Refaeli looks amazing at The Beaver red carpet (BIG LOL!). If you don’t know some names, don’t worry you will miss absolutely nothing.

Today arriving to Cannes Elena Anaya and Pedro Almodovar, yay!!! Saw Pedro photos, so yes, he’s there!!! Yay! Saw Elena’s photos, she’s in Cannes as well as Marisa Paredes. Looking at those photos that won’t publish her because of the rights, but they’re great to watch.

Talking about photos that I see and can’t publish, there are some incredibly good photos of women that suggest to have very strong personality and doesn’t need to make “regular” fashion statements but they do, in a different way, a more attention grabber way, like for example Eva Cavalli.

Also in Cannes Milla Jovovich who attended La Conquete premiere, and yes, found the photo; the premiere had also in the red carpet a casual leather dressed Peter Fonda and Laeticia Casta, that since yesterday been looking for a good photo, hope to find it today.

Last night and tonight there are a lot of parties and photos so browse the net if you wish to do a “celebrity sighting” dancing, drinking and partying.

Today Photos

Melancholia cast and Charlotte with Dunst; next Milla in Cannes today; last Elena Anaya, no is not a Cannes photo –they will come tomorrow- but she looks nice.

Day 7 at Cannes 2011

No, I don’t write the post in order. I write about each film as I see the videos and news appear. Today is an unusual long day because watched ALL videos as found them interesting and as you will see, a few extremely funny. It’s a great day in Cannes.

Main Competition

From Nordic cinema one of directors I always enjoy because his particular style is Aki Kaurismäki and I’m looking forward to Le Havre, another French-speaking film that I’m afraid will be less ironic than what he usually do, but I’m curious about how he was able to transfer, mix or reinvent (?) his style in a French environment and story or if was similar to La vie bohème. Obviously film is must be seen for me and one where the wait will be unbearable. Oh! first comments are very positive.

Photocall starts with Aki and his cigarette, seems is an electric cigarette (lol!), nope is not (lol!) Gosh “Aki pour aqui” (lol!). Photocall is really odd with the director behavior but also for watching cast and him… plus “the finger” (lol!), Aki got red face. Interview starts with a question to Aki and his answer was fabulous but thinks no one got it; gosh he really has the same humor that he shows in his films. Magnifique! Besides his face constantly gets red –from laughing inside as he says such things with a deadpan face that becomes quite funny! He’s impossible to take seriously, great personality. While others talk seriously you wish questions went back to Aki. Aki telling a Kafka story… oh! gosh! LOL! This is exactly my kind of personality! Gee now have to watch press conference hope is as funny as the interview. I laughed loud! I’m crying! Excellent!!

Oh! in the press conference he starts to do his thing, come on! LOL!!! He really is like his movies! LOVE it! But what I love more is that looks like no one gets him… except his colleagues… I’m starting to imagine what the press will say about this conference but, me for one, love it!!! They even have sound problems. Oh no. Yes, is an electric cigarette. Have to admit that’s odd, very odd, but funny! Oh! “my camera wants to kill your mama” … wont write anymore as I’m laughing so much; sorry. Who knows what’s going on but Aki’s face is really red; ah! is the translator translating to him … got so serious, pity. Every time he talks says something quite smart but very funny in his own way, unfortunately press will not play his game. Surely I learned nothing about the movie, which is just great, but I learned a lot about Aki, probably will watch his movies in a different way or maybe not. You have to watch the photocall first, then the interview, last the press conference and most of all, you have to recall his movies, then and only then you will laugh as much as you could laugh in his films with these videos. “Bergman shot two films with camera … I shot 18, is no longer his camera, is Aki’s camera” LOL!

The red carpet stars with Aki and his cigarette, so serious… but soon he gets into his own thing and gloriously the interviewer plays -a little- along. Interviews with cast are not interesting and Aki walks fast the red carpet dancing to the music by Little Bob. As I was told, as soon as he finished dancing, fireworks exploded! That is good timing and a great finale for this iconic director. No, you won't see it in the video.

Second film is Pater by Alain Cavalier that I’m not sure will enjoy as even Thierry Frémaux calls film “one of the strangest films at Cannes this year”. For strange films there is always la Semaine de la Critique parallel section, why include in the main selection a so-called “strange” film too? I like Cavalier films, but this “experiment” definitively doesn’t call my attention.

Out of Competition/Special Screenings

Today is the screening of The Beaver by Jodie Foster –that’s why she came to Cannes yesterday as many photos could tell. Usually I don’t like to mix the artist and the person, but with media coverage is almost impossible not to learn something and get your own opinion about Mel Gibson. I don’t know if I will be able to separate the actor and the person while watching film which could allow me to enjoy film, but I know that I have to watch film just because is by Jodie Foster.

Photocall is crowded and noisy, still photographers yell Jodie! She looks nice not as in yesterday photos where she looked tired. Photocall is short and nice. Of course Interview is with Jodie speaking French –should I say perfect French, as I always do?- good questions and better answers. Yes they talk about the film, but unless you live under a stone, by now we all know what movie is about, so kept watching even if there are mild spoilers. She gets the Mel question and she answers as we already know she will; but liked when she talks about how she does her films. Like when she laughs. Nice interview. Oui, il viens ce soir (Mel). She really looks good in the press conference. Here comes the first Mel Gibson question… and the answer we already know. Oh! press cheered after watching film, hmm even she says that has a more European style, that’s new for me and makes film more interesting to watch –at least for me. Okay, there are spoilers but I’m watching with volume. I like her real-life personality that comes through when she works promoting films, always have liked her and she’s about the only actor that I really will like to meet in person. Another Mel question and the same answer came out, don’t reporters get it? She will only answer one way… have to admit that her way is the right way. At minute 18 turn off volume, big spoiler about the end of the movie. Wow, she talks about herself! Amazing. Usually she’s such a private person. More interesting questions until again the Mel question with the same answer. Ah! (lol) wasn’t aware that Jennifer Lawrence is in this movie, great! LOVE the press conference, should be must be seen if you wish to see Jodie in a different scenario. Red carpet starts with Mel, there is noise from the fans for Jodie and Mel… interesting, after all is Europe or should I say France? Short and nice.

Second is the documentary The Big Fix by Rebeca Tickell and Josh Tickell that revisits the oil spill which occurred in the USA last year, polluting the Atlantic Ocean in an irreversible manner. Not really interested in watching, but very concerned about the fact and also about the fact that the Pacific Ocean –as we speak- is also being polluted in an irreversible way… so, we humans managed to pollute our two main Earth water life reservoirs, aren’t we something? …and not many do a thing. Maybe I should reconsider watching if only to support that someone is trying to do something.

Also today the tribute to Jean-Paul Belmondo with a ceremony before the screening of the documentary Belmondo, itinéraire… by Vincent Perrot and Jeff Domenech. Maybe I’m the only one that when think about Belmondo I always thing about Alain Delon; for some reason they are tied together in my memory with many films that I saw a while back, a few with both but most only with one of them in film. Nevertheless fest organizers tie him alongside Jean Gabin and Michel Simon as one of the greatest French actors of all time. At official site the video of the red carpet with Belmondo and his deep-tan look plus a beautiful woman by his side; oh! Jean Rochefort (I knew was going to watch great French actors), Albert Dupontel, Cedric Klapish, Xavier Beauvois, Claude Lelouch, Claudia Cardinale, etc. He’s not young anymore but gee he smiles and looks like him, like he was when his hair was dark. Gosh, the not-young-anymore along the younger generations and a few really young, many are there. Salut Bebel.

Midnight Screenings

Today the second film of only two that the section will screen. Días de Gracia (Days of Grace) by Everardo Valerio Gout -also competing for the Camera d’Or. Film concept attracts me, “one film, three versions” following three football World cups in 2002, 2006, and 2010; plus a cop, a hostage, a woman and corruption, violence, vengeance. I imagine that film has to be raw, like the new wave of Mexican films, which also calls my attention even if I know will “scare” me.

Un Certain Regard

Today two new films and a reprise. The first is the first film in Afrikaans to ever been in Cannes, Skoonheid by Olivier Hermanus -also being considered for the Queer Palm. Hermanus second film calls my attention.

The second is Tatsumi by Eric Khoo a director that I highly enjoy but as some of you recall I’m no fan of animated films; still as animation looks/feels different maybe will give a try to this portrait of Yoshihiro Tatsumi a Manga giant recognized as one of the greatest Japanese artists even in America. Stories seem interesting as deal with Tatsumi’s disenchanting portrait of Japan.

Is in the program today, a reprise of of Bonsai by Cristián Jiménez, which is unusual but gives me opportunity to share with you that saw his first movie and when was over I said: it’s okay. Not much time passed when I started to really think what I saw in the movie and it was an intense voyage of retrospection that hit me hard, very hard. Now his second movie is absolutely must be seen for me.

Cannes Classics

1931’s Niemandsland (No Man’s Land), Victor Trivas a film that was banned by the Nazis because story had a pacifist agenda and most copies were destroyed. Film has a First World War story and no, haven’t seen film.

Cinema de la Plage

1958 A Night to Remember by Roy Ward Baker about the Titanic and winner of the 1959 Golden Globe; haven’t seen movie.


Two films in the main selection. The first is Corpo Celeste by Alice Rohrwacher that from trailer visuals absolutely call my attention plus story seems that could be enjoyable.

The second is O Abismo Prateado by Karim Aïnouz that also could be considered for the Queer Palm if it has something with LGBT interest. No matter if has or not LGBT interest, story called my attention and will watch movie.

Quinzaine Special Screenings

Also today two films that are special screenings. The first is El Velador (The Night Watchman) by Natalia Almada a documentary that from clips and story probably will watch.

The second is Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes (Kids of Today) by Jérôme de Missolz, a doc that doesn’t call my attention.


Avé by Konstantin Bojanov a Bulgarian road trip movie that could be interesting, but as is screened in this section I hope is not too strange for my taste.

Today the premiere of La Collection Canal+ “5 Fois Nathalie Baye” with the actress starring in each of the following five shorts: A l’Abri by Jérémie Lippman, Bye Bye by Edouard Deluc, Dormir Debout by Jean-Luc Perreard, Je Voulais Vous Dire by Romain Delange, and Le Premier Role by Mathieu Hippeau.


Rue des Cites (Slums Road) by Carine May and Hakim Zohani that doesn’t call my attention at all. Before feature film two short films Devine by Laurent Perreau and Yasmine et la Revolution by Karin Albou.


So after all Malick was at Cannes yesterday and attended the screening of his movie; his entrance came as the announcer said his name and he was showered with the rigorous standing ovation.

Today Photos

From The Beaver and my little homage to a great personality: Very nice meeting you, Mr. Aki Kaurismäki! Last, Director/Actress Nadine Labaki at photocall.

Day 6 at Cannes 2011

I do the post quite early but have to post late to include the late night events. So that’s the reason why I decided to sometimes do preliminary posts that I’ll update as soon as press material from late night events become available.

Main Competition

Unlike many in the world, and from today screenings, the movie that I’m really looking forward to learn more about it is L’Apollonide – Souvenirs de la Maison Close (House of Tolerance) by Bertrand Bonello. I’m very curious about this film that absolutely is must be seen for me. Now more than before as according to some has “sublime contrasts, superb display of cinematographic talent” that of course describes my kind of favorite movies.

Photocall has not many photographers but everyone speaks French (lol!) and they’re going crazy with the all female young (except two) cast; the only man in the group is obviously Bonello. I’m familiar with only two of the actresses in the photocall but all look ravissant! All you can hear is: à droite, à gauche! Too short photocall that leaves you wanting more (ok, admit it, saw it twice, lol!).

Interview has more women (I think, with so many women is confusing); they’re talking a bit about the story, but this time I don’t care as there is too much to watch (lol!). Probably the only the two young actresses I’m familiar with are the ones that talk, surely others are newcomers. Well more talk, Céline Sallette has a very nice voice tone, perfect! Oh! good news, there are not many sex scenes, was not director main interest. Questions were not that interesting, but interview was okay.

At the press conference all are there but not at the table but the first row (pitty, lol!), still Bonello is the only man. Oh! know another (lol!), Jasmine Trinca as she was in several Nani Moretti films I have seen. Very promising if true “film impresses for the visuals, the cinematography” and she, the cinematographer, is also there. Unfortunately press conference not very interesting … should I stop watching? Camera goes to the first row, more interesting now. Okay, enough … got a bit crazy for me. Hope they have a red carpet video, as for unknown reasons not all films have the video. Oh! don't skip the red carpet video, fun to watch, especially "les petites bisous" (he, he), also there the male cast that includes Xavier Beauvois.

What many in the world were waiting was Terrence Malick’s The Three of Life and from early headlines seems that impressed some; but I know that so much buzz comes from director reluctance to give interviews and because in 38 years he has made only five films which creates great buzz, anticipation and mystery around a Malick release.

As expected lots of photographers yelling: Brad! Brad! Gosh is very noisy, of course Malick is NOT there. Now is Jessica! Jessica! But soon enough is Brad alone, still the screaming continues. If you watch video lower your volume. I’m so glad that video was short. Interview is only Brad and Jessica… so, probably was Malick at the photocall. Pitt is also a producer. Not surprising Sean Penn is not around as two top-stars together is a No, No; but surely we will see Sean later. “A legendary director”… Great very short interview too. By the way Brad is wearing glasses and yes, no photos without glasses.

After press conference presentation, presenter says: Conspicuous by Sean Penn and Malick absence, could someone explain? Ha, ha (that’s my sarcastic laugh). As expected many are very curious about Malick, the persona; other questions rotate around how was working with him. Is strange to see Pitt getting questions about someone that is more “popular” (at least in this stage) than him; surely not very comfortable for him, but I get the impression that he was expecting this situation. Oops! Did I hear right? and Pitt got called Depp??? (LOL!) Strange press conference worth watching not for film questions, but because is really odd. Still, when Pitt gets what he finds as a good question, he shows his very beautiful smile; he’s so beautiful that sometimes becomes not-pleasant to watch. About minute 23 there is a question about how movie ends -which is a huge spoiler- so my volume went to off, don’t know the answer so probably there were no spoilers, so listen at your risk, but Brad is smiling. Questions went back to Malick, the person. Volume to off again with Pitt answering question about how he got interested in playing the role. Gosh now I know film has dinosaurs… volume went off again. It’s over and many rush to table to get Brad’s autograph. Truly strange press conference.

Photos are starting to appear from red carpet and surprise, Sean Penn is there! Good, actually the red carpet is more appropriate for two big stars together. As expected lots of photos with Brad and Angelina. The red carpet video starts with Sean arriving and unfortunately first question is about Malick, starting to be too boring for me, just imagine for them! Jessica and same question. Will Brad get the same question? Lol! Luc Besson was involved with film (?!) and yes, gets a Malick question. Angelina Jolie comes to mic and gosh, gets a Malick question, too much. Nice touch from both Brad and Angelina to sign autographs. Maybe I’m totally biased but Johnny got more fans action than Pitt (lol!). Not possible, Brad gets a Malick question too… he’s smart and better return to sign autographs who will not ask him about Malick! Could Malick be there incognito? Ha, ha. Well, it is a possibility. Still the presenter keeps saying that he’s there and maybe will watch the movie… who knows and honestly who cares? Not me, I haven’t liked that much his films, but yes, have seen all. Brad comes back to look for Angelina, nice touch and unusual, but not totally unexpected as already saw the photos. She looks nice and healthy, hate when she looks like a cadaver/all bones… but she gets a welcome by Gilles and Thierry… hmm, big stars in la Croisette that have everybody waiting for entering the theater.

Un Certain Regard

With a name like Hors Satan I imagined that movie by Bruno Dumont was going to be something crazy but from trailers/synopsis I felt relief and got really interested in watching. First press and people comments tend to be positive in other languages that are not English.

I was very impressed with her first film, Caramel, and from videos seems that Nadine Labaki kept her storytelling style in today’s movie Wo Hallah La Wen? (Where Do We Go Now?) which is splendid as helps me to be assured that will enjoy opus #2. No matter what I know have to watch film because I really like to watch director/actress Labaki in the screen.

Cannes Classics

Watching this short film in a big screen must be an unique experience that surely not many will miss at Cannes as there are not many opportunities to watch film in the big screen, much less a restored colored version. I’m talking about 1902’s Le Voyage dans la lune (A Trip to the Moon) by Georges Méliès, a film that was a milestone in cinematic history as Méliès experimented for the first time with what we now call “special effects”.

Today 1975’s Le Sauvage (The Savage) by Jean-Paul Rappeneau with the presence of the director and Catherine Deneuve! (hope to find great photos). Film also starred Yves Montand. Yes, have seen film several times, first a long time ago and recently on TV! Quite fun to watch.

Also today The Look by Angelica Maccarone a documentary about Charlotte Rampling who will present the film that could be interesting to watch because of the way it was conceived, eight areas where there is a conversation between Rampling and a close friend (all artists), each area has a different friend.

Cinéma de la Plage

Today 1954’s Mutiny on the Caine by Edward Dmytryk that I saw a long/long time ago but still remember as starred none other than Humphrey Bogart.


Three films. First Busong by Auraeus Solito a film that’s being considered for the Queer Palm. Strangely enough I have seen almost all Solito’s films that always have something in the story that surprises me, so I know that eventually will watch this film.

Second, The Island by Kamen Kalev that yes I’m interested in watching even if I haven’t been able to watch his first film Eastern Plays.

Last, Impardonnables (Unforgivable) by André Téchiné. Absolutely must be seen for me, is Téchiné!


Today is the screening of the film that celebrates the 50th anniversary of this parallel section which absolutely is must be seen for me not only because is a French film but mainly because the star is none other than Isabelle Huppert. I’m talking about Eva Ionesco’s My Little Princess that I’m sure will not be easy to watch because story, but will be very easy to watch because Huppert.

Also, Snowtown by Justin Kurzel that surely will be hard-to-watch as deals about Australia’s most notorious serial killer. Film is being considered for the Camera d’Or.

Last the second group of short films in competition, Alexis Ivanovitch vous etes mon heros by Guillaume Gouix, Boy by Topaz Adizes, Sunday S by Valéry Rosier, Junior by Julia Docournau, and Black Moon by Amie Siegel.


Today Rives (Day) by Armel Hostiou that wonder if will watch even when is a French movie; before the screening the short film Pandore by Virgil Vernier


Today Europe celebrates 20 years of the Media program that finances many films, including 12 Palme d’Or recipients. If you like good European cinema I’m sure that you’re very familiar with the Media logo that always appear at film beginning and/or end of credits. The European Commissioner for Culture plus 20 European directors had a conference this afternoon with a panel discussion on the question of “How to involve the public and grow demand?”

I’m torn, but will share that surely will watch Michael by Markus Schleinzer as can’t forget that he was Michael Haneke collaborator and something surely he learned from him… like the following so I did copy and paste: “Throughout the film, Schleinzer plays on his audience’s expectations, leading them down false paths and littering clues about the context of the crime and its implications on the life of the main character. He is not presented as a particularly monstrous or friendly man, but the audience is kept distanced from his intentions, which are slowly and skillfully revealed until the astonishing conclusion.”

Weinstein Co. continues their buying spree with a period film “The Wettest County in the World” starring Shia LaBeouf.

Okay these are seriously good news, a new vampire will go into production next year, will be directed by Jim Jarmusch and the stars are: Tilda Swinton, Michael Fassbender and Mia Wasikowska! Great cast, hope doesn’t change when production starts.


Hundreds of photos about the Malick’s movie red carpet, including some of Gwen Stefani, Zoe Saldana, Elsa Zylberstein, Rob Lowe, Sara Forestier and everyone that is in Cannes as theater was packed with everyone that wants to be the first in the world (after the press) to watch Malick’s movie or just to walk the red carpet that surely had photographers from all over the world as Brad and Angelina had to do the marches.

Nice photos have started to appear for Isabelle Huppert and Eva Ionesco but are of the restricted rights kind, let see if can find one I can publish here.

Last night was the Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Wayne Wang party and one of the reasons why Bingbing Li has been in all major red carpets with the most beautiful dresses or was Fan Bingbing? –hmm confusing (lol!). Film also stars Vivian Wu (remember Saving Face?) and Hugh Jackman but seems they’re not at Cannes, shame. Who was there was Rupert Murdoch (??!!) but also Rob Lowe in a marvelous photo with Bingbing. Movie and story seems interesting.

As of today Jodie Foster is in Cannes. Yes there are photos with her arriving at the airport, she looks tired.

Today Photos

L'Apollinide Photocall

Malick's movie red carpet

My Little Princess director and cast, yes is Isabelle Huppert!

Two in one photo

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