Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

The video game has been called one of the "most visually stunning video games ever made" and the movie has good visuals but not stunning, at least for my eyes. Still I found the film to be very entertaining with an original story that easily grabs your attention and keeps it, even when watching the multiple very long -and sometimes boring- fights (don't we always know who will win?).

This video game based film tells the story of a young orphan, Dastan, that's adopted by the King of Persia and grows up to be equally loved by his two adopted brothers and father. But when his older brother decides to attack the holy city everything changes as the King is poisoned with a robe that Dastan gives him and we saw his older brother gave him. Dastan becomes a fugitive with Princess Tamina and nothing that will happen is like we think it is, which is what makes the story entertaining.

Lots of action, visual effects and predictable romance make this summer movie a worth watching film to kill some time and be aware that it's quite noisy! This is the kind of movie that critics dislike but young and always-young audiences tend to like. Seems that those that play the game also enjoyed watching the characters in the big screen.

I liked the movie because of the story and what I call "extreme" performances by Ben Kingsley and mostly by Alfred Molina. Do I recommend it, well ONLY if you have nothing else to watch and wish to kill some time with an entertaining story.


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