Not exactly what I was hoping for based on mainly headlines (don't read articles) and trailer. Definitively I fell into the marketing trap that yes, raised my expectations. Maybe if I had approached this film with no expectations I would have enjoy it more as entertainment as is not a bad summer movie with some nice special effects and a good fantasy story even when I did guess everything quite early, too early, and the story just became predictable with a very noisy ride as the noise level even made my seat shake and there was no earthquake, lol!

But it was an entertaining ride with some thrilling moments and absolutely liked the idea of "dream worlds" against reality, plus the dream within a dream, within a dream (so on and so forth) seems unbelievably appealing to me (lol!). That's why I identified with the character that doesn't want to come out from that fantastic dream (s) world (s) and as I don't want to spoil the story, won't tell you who the character is, but if you already saw it you have to know.

I'm torn with telling you what's the story about, as if I tell you what I saw will absolutely spoil the film for you; so, the official plot says about a highly skilled thief (DiCaprio) of hidden (corporate) secrets who is given a final chance at redemption which involves executing his toughest job till date and do an inception. Inception is (more or less) planting an idea in a person while dreaming so when wakes up believes is his own idea.

The film has a great cast and was a true pleasure to watch Ellen Page and Marion Cotillard, has outstanding production values and some good special effects -nothing extraordinary in my opinion. Due to my (high) expectations wanted to watch the movie in the big screen but honestly it wasn't worth it. If you haven't watch it yet wait for the DVD and if you have a good theater system at home you probably will enjoy it the same or even more at home.

Will the film get an Oscar nomination? Probably or more likely, sure. Has all the elements that Academy members like plus general audiences like too. Could win the top award? Maybe as buzz and marketing for this film seems has been very successful and the film definitively is a crowd pleaser.

Do I recommend the film? Yes as good entertainment, but be aware that this Christopher Nolan film is NO Dark Knight.


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