2011 BAFTA News

Today the nominees for the Rising Star Award were announced and please remember that this award is voted by the British public. Winner will be announced at the awards on February 13. These are the nominees and in parenthesis is their 2010 most acclaimed film (s).

Gemma Arterton (Tamara Drewe)
Andrew Garfield (The Social Network and Never Let Me Go)
Tom Hardy (Inception)
Aaron Johnson (Nowhere Boy and Kick-Ass)
Emma Stone (Easy A)

To read the official announcement go here.

On other news, BAFTA’s nominations will be announced on Tuesday, January 18 at 7:45am London time and will be streamed live at the Academy site. Streaming will start at 7:40am. Unfortunately at that time I will be surely sleeping, but if you wish to watch them bookmark the official site here.

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