Senza Fine (No End)

Lately have been seeing films that I really don’t like in the lesbian interest genre and unfortunately this is no exception as film tries so hard to be arty that becomes pretentious. I really don’t understand filmmakers that think that extreme close-ups where you can see face pores have a meaning or contribute to the story. Some of you know that I appreciate slow pace and long takes with still camera but when there is something extremely beautiful to watch, but here were boring and I truly questioned what director had in his mind to do so many non-interesting still camera takes. Film as a film is not only not-good but at times really bothers the hand-held camera, so those that don’t like constant hand-held camera takes, I suggest to stay away from this film.

But story is not that bad and actresses are good looking enough to keep your attention no matter all the senseless distractions that director insisted to make us watch. Still I found story depressing and got me in a not so good mood that took me a long while to get rid of.

Film tells about Chiara and Giulia who desire to start a family but in Italy artificial insemination is legal only for married heterosexual couples; so they have to go to Holland to be inseminated. But one of them unexpectedly finds that has a breast lump that could be cancer. She needs surgery and needs to tell the other. The incident changes their relation, their expectations and indeed, their lives; but has a positive finale.

See, story is not bad as definitively is not another film with lesbians trying to have babies; is first time directing Roberto Cuzzillo style what makes watching the story very difficult.

Can’t recommend the film, but know that story plus the good-looking actresses that perform quite acceptable will make many to be interested in watching film, but be prepared for a not good visual ride.


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