2010 Australian Film Institute Award Winners

Yesterday the other AFI had the award ceremony and here are the winners.

Best Film: Animal Kingdom
Best Direction: David Michôd for Animal Kingdom

Best Lead Actress: Jacki Weaver in Animal Kingdom
Best Actress: Mia Wasikowska in Alice in Wonderland
Best Supporting Actress: Deborah Mailman in Bran Nue Dae

Best Lead Actor: Ben Mendelsohn in Animal Kingdom
Best Actor: Sam Worthington in Avatar
Best Supporting Actor: Joel Edgerton in Animal Kingdom

Young Actor Award: Harrison Gilbertson in Beneath Hill 60

To check winners in all categories go here.

Sometimes is funny to find that in some awards an actor/actress performance is considered as Lead while in others is considered as supporting role. I’m talking about Jacki Weaver that here won the Lead Actress award and in America is being considered as having a supporting role. Sometimes publicists decide -more than anyone else- where the actor has more opportunities, so they submit the actor/actress to that specific category, that’s how flexible awards can be. As Jacki Weaver has increased her chances to get an Academy award I’m really curious to find if she gets it in the supporting role.

Anyway the big 2010 winner in Australia is Animal Kingdom that has become must be seen for me.

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