Mine Vaganti (Loose Cannons)

I liked this movie beyond any expectations I had and they were high as film is directed by one of my favorite directors: Ferzan Ozpetek, thus I was expecting the best. I got an excellent film with a strong/compelling story, great performances and a Turkish born director that seems to understand Italians more than some of his contemporary colleagues, as this is a drama where main and secondary characters not only are important for story but also have something to say, hide or are the kind we should be careful when near to them as all are true loose cannons as the English title clearly says.

Movie is a drama but also is a farce, is tragic and has extraordinary comedy at the correct time (gee, did I laugh loud!) and yes, is gay interest but honestly even if is essential to the story told I feel is not the main theme as this film is a very interesting exploration into human behavior of the good and not so good kind.

Not easy to tell you what is all about without giving away crucial moments that will surprise you and will make you nervously laugh or will get your reactions; but I’ll try as you should watch this film without knowing much about the story. Tells the story of the Cantone family who are a large extended family living in one big house in Lecce where they own a large pasta factory. Younger son Tomasso, who lives in Rome, returns for a visit and decides to tell them that he’s gay to avoid being forced to assume his responsibilities at the family business as he’s only interested in becoming a writer and stay living in Rome where he’s able to be away from his family and the little town gossip and homophobia. The Cantone family plus friends are having a fun dinner and Tomasso decides that’s the right moment to tell all, his secret; but his older brother Antonio, who he told before, stops him to make an announcement. Antonio’s news is the trigger to a true roller coaster ride into the lives of the Cantone family that includes Tomasso’s grandmother, father, mother, aunt, brother, sister, brother-in-law, and nieces plus the maids, the father mistress, his friends from Rome, and Alba, an eccentric young beautiful woman that also works at the factory in a high position.

Excellent performances by all actors’ that superbly perform sharp dialogues with fantastic expressions in a script co written by Ozpetek and in a film with impeccable cinematography plus tech specs; but most impressive, even when by now is a given for me, are Ferzan Ozpetek filmmaking outstanding abilities that with this film shows an excellent comedy timing and true delicate care of all his characters. Bravo!!!

Film collected many honors including a Special Jury Mention at 2010 Tribeca plus many Italian honors and film is nominated for the People’s Award at 2010 European Awards. Mention honors because I do believe that this film is superior in every cinema element to actual Italy submission to 2010 Oscar; maybe because story is about homosexuality those in charge of selection decided not to chose this magnificent film. If I’m right then is a true shame that they didn’t follow Peru’s example; but it is understandable as this film shows Italians homophobic reactions.

Highly recommend this film if you enjoy talkie European good movies, definitively is must be seen for those that follow Ozpetek oeuvre and for those that enjoy the gay interest genre.


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