Letters to Juliet

Looking to have a peaceful and very easy moment decided to watch this romantic movie and that's exactly what I found: an easy going romantic film with some absolutely beautiful Italian sights that were true pleasure to watch. I wish I was there in those beautiful grapes fields, those towns that look like architecture wonders and transit those roads in tiny -very tiny- Fiats. Definitively I was in the right mood to watch the movie and eventually I got inside it and was walking the streets, riding the roads plus having a great time.

The story? As you can imagine quite silly and predictable, but maybe my right mood made me appreciate the role of the Secretaries to Juliet as a service that could be very welcome by many women in the world. Tells about an engaged young woman finding true love thanks to answering a fifty-years-old letter to Juliet.

Performances? No, didn't enjoy them but I think was because the characters that were so silly (to use a kind word) that was at moments unbearable to watch them. But for me it's always a pleasure to watch Vanessa Redgrave that even with a terrible character she can make it look better than all her colleagues and I always liked Franco Nero so was a pleasure to watch him too.

Do I recommend the movie? Only if you want to travel the beautiful Italian sights that are colored with a golden touch to make them look even more beautiful. But if you skip it won't be missing much.


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