Day 11 @ 67th Venice International Film Festival

Last day is main awards day but today the fest will screen one movie that I'm looking forward to watch Taymor's The Tempest that I hope has all her peculiar style as some of us already know the story.

Out of Competition
Closing Film: The Tempest by Julie Taymor, USA

As we all know before the screening of the closing film is the awards ceremony that I'm not sure if I'll be able to watch, but I can always follow it by twitter. The ceremony is at 7:00pm local time.


Most of the films screened today come from this section that will have its award ceremony at 5:30pm.

So this is the shortest post for Venice daily coverage as all left to do is to wait for the main awards, but to close it here are some predictions for possible winners.

From news dispatches
-Venus Noire is a worthy contender
-Favorites are: China's The Ditch and Russia's Silent Soul (the last with stunning visuals)

If you consider eccentric [sic] Tarantino's tastes
-Chile's Post Mortem
-Japan's 13 Assasins

Italian press
-Chile's Post Mortem

American press
-Meek's Cutoff Golden Lion; Jury Prize: Silent Souls

Truth is like what happened in Cannes, there is not ONE movie that standouts as a clear winner, which makes the award ceremony more interesting. Still there is one award that I HOPE is a sure thing, the Best Actress HAS to be for Catherine Deneuve, as from trailer she's just delicious and outstanding; the only problem could be that the film is a very French comedy, so will see what happens.

So, from trailers my Lions go to these movies

Golden Lion: Silent Souls
Jury Prize: Post Mortem
Best Director: (impossible to say from trailers)
Best Actress: Catherine Deneuve
Best Actor: (have no idea, lol)


Haven't left Venice many directors, which we all know it could mean that will get an honor, so two are coming back: Sofia Coppola and Alex de la Iglesia; still there: Takashi Miike, Monte Hellman, Wang Bing, and Richard J Lewis.

Is the first time I hear about this award that has a great, yet funny, name: Mouse or should I say, Mice as there are two awards. (lol) Given by Italian online critics this year Golden Mouse for best film in competition goes to Russia's Silent Souls and the Silver Mouse for best film in the other sections to Canada's Incendies.

According to a dubious source "Lesbian acts are increasingly prevalent in cinema, seen here in Attenberg, Black Swan, La Solitudine and Happy Frew, and these days pass by almost without comment." Well, to me the source is not reliable but since I wish the comment to be true (hopefully) when I'm able to watch them will let you all know if was true or not.

It's over my next post shall be the awards.

Ci vediamo nel 2011!

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