Second Day – 68th Venice International Film Festival

Today’s centerpiece is the premiere of Carnage in competition- with the most amazing cast in what I hope is a better movie –than his previous- by Roman Polanski. Described as “grotesque comedy of manners” seems was received with rounds of applause and riotous laughter which makes me wonder a bit if I’ll be able to enjoy the humor but hopefully I will as film was shot in real time which probably positively will help the humor. From photocall shots I see Kate Winslet, John C. Reilly and Christopher Waltz but no Jodie Foster so let’s hope she will be tonight at the red carpet.

Also today in competition the Taiwanese epic film that tells a real life story about the aboriginal tribes that lived in the island when was a Japanese colony. Saideke Balai (Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale) by Te-Sheng Wei reviews the 1930 so-called Wushe Incident where the Japanese ban indigenous cultural practices. Could be interesting plus a while back read that is the most expensive film produced up-to date in Taiwan and from trailer can say that production values are high.

From the films out of competition surely the one everyone will be talking about is W.E. by Madonna a film that tells a “modern version” of the Wallis and Edward tale told by a fictional Wally that lives in current time and mirrors their life. Always like UK period dramas and what makes me wonder if I’ll like it is that this film is by Madonna, but from photos film looks fine. All right early reviews are not positive, lol!  Follows a video with Madonna and her cast arrival.

Today fest also will screen the following out of competition films: Giochi d’Estate (Summer Games) by Rolando Colla, India, Matri Bhumi by Roberto Rossellini, La Désintégration by Philippe Faucon, and Scosa by Francesco Maselli, Carlo Lizzani, Ugo gregoretti, and Nino Russo.

Venice Days continues today with the screening of Rugine (Rust) by Daniele Gaglianone an Italian drama that does not call my attention at all.

La Settimana della Critica opens with an event, the screening of Stocholm Ostra (Stockholm East) by Simon Kaijser da Silva which is out of competition and is a family drama that wonder if will appeal to me.

Orizzonti opens today with Cut by Amir Naderi a film described as a “visual poem” for the cinema set in the world of the yakuza that obviously calls my attention for the visuals but wonder if I will stand the story. Worth to remind you all that none other than Jia Zhang-ke is the Orizzonti jury President who will chair a very eclectic group of jurors. Orizzonti will also today screen five (5) short films.

Today is the presentation of the collateral award Città di Venezia 2011 to Colombian Carlos Gaviria for his movie Retratos en un Mar de Mentiras, the film will be screened after the award ceremony as well as The Neighbor by Nahgmeh Shirkan from Iran and the 2006 film Si le vent soulève les sables by Marion Hansel from Belgium. The program closes with three short films from Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco that includes Garagouz by Abdenour Zahzah, winner in the short film category.. For more information go here.

Here is a photo with the W.E. male cast and the director plus another video with Madonna joking...

Most interesting video with some clips from press conference and the movie... audio can be switched to French or German... English only in the background...

At the Carnage red carpet/premiere Kate wore a truly amazing dress that fitted her like a glove... you have to check the following video or browse the net for the spectacular photos

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