Since I’m in my Swedish movies mood what better movie to review than the one that beat great Svinalängorna (Beyond) at the 2011 Guldbagge Awards? Yes Sebbe won the Best Film award and honestly I have not a clear idea why this film was considered better than Pernilla August outstanding film.

Babak Najafi film has a strong story, great tech specs and good pace, sometimes slow and other times fast. But film is structured with a narrative that keeps audiences far from getting involved, from feeling deeper than just being sorry for the bulling, the sad situation with Sebbe’s mother, his isolation, and being happy that he’s great with his hands, that he can build things, that even when he’s desperate to do something radical he doesn’t do it, that he’s a survivor. Maybe there is something relevant in Sweden that I’m unable to gasp, but this film allows you to contemplate, never to really feel. Still has a strong story that will keep your attention from beginning up to end.

Movie tells the story of Sebastian, Sebbe, a fifteen-years-old boy that lives with his mother in an apartment that’s much too small; he skips school because he’s horribly bullied by his classmates and he’s a loner that finds solace at the junkyard where he finds things that will come alive in his hands but his detachment from what surrounds him increments at the same pace as his own little world shrinks. One day his mother fails him due to a red jacket and nothing else is the same; everything fails and crumbles. Must be a trend but this film, in my opinion, has a happy ending that is so uncommon in great excellent European –even Nordic- cinema.

Maybe because Najafi’s style actors’ performances are adequate to their characters but never outstanding or remarkable, which is a pity as I believe that Sebastian Hiort af Ornäs character (Sebbe) should be allowed to shine as character absolutely carries movie in his shoulders.

I really wish someone from Sweden could explain me why this movie was considered by their top awards better that Pernilla August film, as I can’t understand it. Obviously what I’m really looking is the reason why this film can be considered outstanding by Swedish awards, critics and audiences. If you can help, I highly appreciate your feedback.

Nevertheless, this is another family Swedish drama that will keep your attention since beginning up to end and yes, I believe is a good representative of Swedish -and European cinema- and as such I do recommend watching the film that won top award at Guldbagge Awards and the Best Debut film at the 2010 Berlinale where was premiered.


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