The City of Your Final Destination

This James Ivory film is a good film but definitively is not for general audiences as works like a classic piece of literature that could be too brainy for many or simply not-so-interesting to watch; still because of actors’ performances story becomes quite watchable if not impact full.

Film has an excellent cast with Anthony Hopkins, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Laura Linney and one less known actress that I particularly enjoy, Alexandra Maria Lara. My kudos go to Alexandra Maria Lara as she has a very annoying character that she was able to built so good that you really dislike her Diedre; also with a not so good character Laura Linney builts a distant, perhaps manipulative Caroline quite well, so good that I’m sure many will not like Linney’s performance. No need to mention that Hopkins and Gainsbourg performances are superb. Also here two actresses with smaller roles but that also called my attention great Norma Aleandro and Norma Argentina.

To me this film was more about actors’ performances that about a story, which is not surprising when film looks and feels more like reading a book than watching a film which is not bad, but know that style is not the cup-of-tea of many.

Film tells about about Kansas University doctoral student Omar Razaghi that wins a grant to write the biography of diseased Latin American writer Jules Gund; but Omar has to get the approval of three people who were close to Gund, his gay brother (Hopkins), his widow (Linney) and his younger mistress (Gainsbourg) all living at the writer’s estate in Uruguay. Omar writes for authorization and gets back a rotund denial; but Omar’s girlfriend (Lara) forces him to go in person to get the authorization. As Omar arrives to the faraway from civilization estate he’s not welcomed but slowly as he becomes part of this odd triangle he’ll discover more about himself than about Gund or any of the other estate dwellers. Basically it’s a story about finding your true self.

Can’t say that disliked the film but neither that I love it. As mentioned liked actors’ performances and inevitably have to mention that not often we are able to watch Anthony Hopkins playing (so deliciously) a gay man with a younger long term (25+years) Japanese lover, which definitively makes this film must be seen for those that enjoy the gay interest genre and for those that enjoy films that look and feel like classical literature.


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